GoW Let's Play #7: Treasure Maps Explained

Hello everyone! Today I go over the treasure map minigame found in the Zhul’kari kingdom. I explain many of the basics that will help you to start improving your treasure map score. I also give out a redeem code in this video that gives 2 free treasure maps as well as other valuable resources. Good luck adventurers!



Is it bad that I now read this in your voice from your greetings in the videos? :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to checking this one out when I get home!


Haha, that is quite flattering. :slight_smile: I find it funny that it is actually sticking. I was mainly using that as a placeholder intro as I couldn’t think of anything creative to consistently do, so I may just have to stick with the “Herllo everyone!”

The main issue now is my “outro” has no consistency whatsoever. xD

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“May your heart be pure and your Gem matches true.”

“Match you next time!”


One hour and the code is already gone? Moving on up Tacet

It has been like that for a week now. The main reason it goes so quick is a combination of over 400 subscribers, the 20-50 people who see this post in the first hour, and the fact that I advertise most videos with a redeem code in the global chat in order to gain more interest for my channel. :slight_smile:

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i know when you post a video - it gets announced in our guild chat as well :slight_smile:

when do you think the devs will up the number of codes again? :smiley:

Probably not until they switch servers. The reason codes are only 150 is due to something with the servers.

I did increase the number of codes I do a week to 3. If anything, I will likely just have to increase frequency rather than quantity while still retaining quality.