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GOW Streamers list?

Is there a streamer list anywhere?

I stream occasionally when I play and when I am not playing I like to listen in to others play, preferably those that commentate like Salty and Tacet.


My channel is: https://www.twitch.tv/zerbious

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I’ve been streaming a lot of Gems lately, I usually ramble on about anything and everything. I have a vendetta against every Famine and Dawnbringer I see in PVP, too. :smiley:


It might not be a regular thing, but I stream GoW sometimes. I just started using a mic and it still feels weird talking to myself when nobody is talking in chat. I’ll probably stream again later today.


I occasionally use a mic.

Just gave each of you a follow. I had to stop streaming, my wife starts work soon and needs the home office to do so. =/

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Thx man. After 3 hours this was my longest stream ever. Done for now. Thank you.

Maybe link your account to here so we can watch you too.

LOL Duh! I edited my post and added my channel.

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I’m about to go live for about an hour or so.

I normally stream GoW a few times a week on twitch and mixer, feel free to join me sometime


Normal schedule will resume 29th June once I’m back from family holiday :grin:

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Hellooooo everyone!

Figured I drop mine too. :smiley:


8 PM EST every day.
10 AM - 1 PM EST Fridays and Saturdays.