Video: Fox on the Run Event

Hello everyone! Today I go over the Spirit Fox troop that was released this week as well some decent team synergies for the troop. There is a particularly good team that can be composed for newer players using the new troop.


I am so behind that i am going to have to trudge through all the videos, i like trudging through videos.


Yeah, I am starting to attempt 1 video a day now.

That Code went out quick^^

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Is it out already? 45-60 minutes seems to be each code’s shelf life. xD

I will be starting to stream the game in about a month. Codes I hand out during streams will likely last several hours.

Not with your popularity. They’ll go even faster. :smile:

@Tacet Thank you for the video. Always very nice work!

Question about the code.
I seen other code on the chat today. Also yesterday Nimhain gave a code thru the chat.
My question is that how many code are given away for a week?

I would have no clue what that number is. I do 3 a week on my YouTube channel. A full list of locations include:

  • Tacet the Terror’s YouTube
  • Felity’s stream, as well as others who use twitch to stream GoW
  • Devs sometimes in chat channel 001
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