Video: Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright Event


Hello everyone! I made a video going over this week’s event, the buffs to Behemoth, how gem vs events keys work, and other information that I hope is useful. I was a bit all over the place in speaking, but I guess that is what happens when trying to do a 20-30 minute video in one take.

Also, I handed out a redeem code in this video generously supplied by the devs. This and all of the future event videos will have a redeem code for the first 100 PC/Mobile players that claim it. The codes are set at 101 uses, so me showing it in the video is not using any of the 100 uses. I don’t have many subscribers on YouTube yet, so it should be fairly easy to get one of those 100. :slight_smile:

Shout out to @Lyya for the amazing troop list that she made: Gems of War Database - updated troops list and much more! . Check it out if you haven’t already.


Nice job Tacet :smiley:

You definitely slowed down and had a nice flow in presentation. I always appreciate the info you have to share, and look forward to each show in the coming weeks.

Thanks to the devs too… the code is a nice touch and always appreciated.


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed. :smiley:


I’m not a big public talker but I did want to say thank you Tacet. Both for showing ‘new’ players some viable teams with Behemoth and Rakshanin plus going over all of the events and changes. I hope you keep this series going.

Also thank you developers for the free code!


I’ll definitely be able to keep the series going as long as this game exists.


Excellent information, well presented. Thank you, Tacet :sunglasses:


Showoff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Another great video, very informative to newer players and you presented some nice team compositions.


Good job @Tacet.


I was first 100 to use the code. Woot!


Thanks everyone.

In regard to the code, it should be pretty easy to get one of the 100 within the first 24 hours of video release. It will be about a month before they go extremely quick. The main reason I asked for 100 from the devs instead of 50 is I figured people from the forum alone would knock out nearly half the uses, so I wanted people on YouTube to get it too. xD


Wow, that code is much more generous than I thought it would be. The devs continue to impress.


When do they not try to impress. The devs of this game are better than any devs of anyother game…except aq


Subscribed. But not for the codes, but for your beautiful voice (okay, that came out wrong).


Giggity is too strong, still sounds like a skype call though.


I don’t mind that. I focus on the information given, not how it’s presented.


17 hours later, and code is maxed out and doesn’t work anymore… congrats to those whom redeemed it


The only reason i bring it up is because it makes it feel like tacet is talking to the audience like we are actually there on skype with him as he explains it. [quote=“AeroCloud, post:17, topic:6070”]
17 hours later

We need more codes, account for 200 @Tacet we need it to work for more than a day.


Nah, it shouldn’t be that all get it and can redeem them whenever they like. Scarcity drives interest/viewership.


Ah i had not considered that.