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USA Presidential Election

I am curious what the Gems of War community’s position is on this matter.

  • Donald Trump
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Bernie Sanders
  • None of the Above

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Tacet, you are far braver than I :sunglasses:

Now there are two ways this thread can go.

  1. People will start commenting on their political beliefs and there will be a tremendous row followed by a bloodbath.

  2. People will follow the advice my mother gave me as a young man, vote, and move on (I am going to summarize with the following quote).

"There are three things that I’ve learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin."

–Linus the miniature Philosopher

;tldr “De do do do, de da da da”Police


I doubt the GoW community would have a bloodbath over this. That would sooner happen over the 2nd Fantasy Series than this. Priorities. :stuck_out_tongue:


To the people who voted for none of the above, Why?

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Some of the “none of the above” may be from other countries. I’m pretty sure only about 1/3 of the forum is USA. It could also be people that hate all 3 candidates.

cuz I just don’t care who the next pres is.

I voted none of the above as my life has taught me people pretty much get the leaders they deserve. Democracy is a myth created by the top 1% to keep the rest docile and happy :smiley:


Not sure if true but considering the last election it might be hard to swallow.

I’m totally unsurprised by the results.


i am german and i think if trump will be president - the people on the streets with “the end is near” signs seems to be right :wink:

for me it doesnt really matters if hillary or the berni - but please not trump^^

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The world survived Bush, twice…so i think the world will be alright with another guy talking ridiculous nonsense in that position.


I don’t know who is the third candidate, but, looking at the other 2, I would vote for him… If I was american that is.

Mom and I already got our passport pictures taken in case Trump wins. I hear Ontario is nice this time of year. . .


I just don’t understand why everyone in America seems to want free handouts anymore… Anybody with a brain should see how European socialism has failed miserably. Why would we still be trying to replicate that?


I have endured almost 8 years of Obama’s shit… If Trump wins you can deal with it too! At least we won’t keep going more trillions in debt.


When you look at all the positions of all the candidates from their official websites (which removes the media bias from news agencies) you will understand what is a handout and what is profitable and who is saying they support one thing and it is not backed by their official website. I prefer a candidate to be open and clear with their politics. If a candidate tells me they want to build something and does not tell me how long it takes to build it or how much it will cost then i do not think it should be built. If you increase taxes then how much is the tax and who pays for the tax. yadda yadda yadda.

'cause all of your US politicians are way too conservative for my tastes…
(And please do note that I do vote conservative/right wing in the elections in my home country :wink: , US politics are a very confusing experiience for me… :smiley: )

Not so fast… It is a blanket argument to equate the European socialism with the American. This statement is not substantiated and everyone who follows current events, immediately recognize the subtle differences. Therefore, this statement is purely subjective and promotes an opinion in a certain direction. Most political orientations have advantages and disadvantages. But to say social issues or socialism would only for people without brain does not understand the context. My remarks should not be interpreted as a political conviction. Moreover, I am not affected by the American election campaign. I just wanted to neutralize a not plausible argument. A deeper look into the history books shows that no longer apply these facts and their excesses at the present time. In this sense … Regards from Europe :wink:


many people in europe dont understand some american standards…

best example is the right to carry a weapon for everyone!
how many people get shot in europe vs how many people get shot in america?

people here in europe get hurt, but not killed! and it has to be a very dangerous situation before a european police officer uses his gun :wink: normal people use their fists to fight each other, you dont have to be aware of a gun.

whats the candidates point in case of weapons? i am not so deep informed… i could think bernie is contra and hillary and trump are pro weapons, am i right? please correct me if i am wrong!

Bernie wants better and more instant background checks in order to obtain weapons and wishes to remove the sale of full auto military grade weapons from the public. Anyone want an ak-47?