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To all American people: who are you gonna vote for?

  • Hillary Clinton
  • Donald Trump
  • No vote from me

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I don’t Vote. Just because I don’t know what anybody’s really going to do after they are elected into office.

Then vote for Odin


I’m an attorney and extremely attuned to politics. I follow virtually every news story on the election (it’s very hard to keep up).

That being said, I would never in a million years even fathom voting for Donald Trump (or any Republican for that matter at this point). I don’t like Clinton much (I was and still am a Bernie Sanders supporter), but Bernie Sanders lost the primary (I won’t say fair and square after the DNC e-mail leaks), but even disregarding the boost Clinton got from the DNC colluding against Bernie, she would have won the primary.

Bernie Sanders endorsed Clinton, and for good reason. Her policies fall much more in line with Bernie’s policies, although they are far from perfect. Bernie Sanders is smart enough to know that it’s better to help the person whose agenda is more likely to match your own win rather than fight against them.

The e-mail scandal is the Republicans making something out of nothing. I am far more concerned on things like the real issues of Hillary merely wanting to downgrade marijuana to a Schedule II controlled substance instead of fully declassifying it, or the fact that she represents neoliberal interests. In any case, she is the only person even qualified to run for president out of the two people who have a chance of becoming president (and even if you look at Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, she’s a better candidate than them both).

Also, it’s an incredibly bad policy to not vote. I have no respect for anyone who doesn’t vote. I cannot understand anyone truly that apathetic about some of the most important choices you can make in your lifetime.


Committing multiple felonies, including possibly treason and sharing classified information with people with no security clearance is nothing?

Either way, Satan wins on election day.


RIP this thread soon.




I agree with most of what you say but I’m still not voting; you can give me all the no respect you want but voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil and I won’t be a part of that. The game is rigged, the parties are the same, and this year, even more than most, choice is an illusion.

Edit: Just to add some additional WTF: Americans have the “choice” between someone under FBI investigation or someone accused of raping a child. THOSE ARE THE ACTUAL CHOICES. Ugh. Wake me up in 4-8 years.

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Your logic is the same logic for the following scenario:

A train is going on one of two paths. You can press a button (voting in this analogy) to make it more likely to go to one path or the other. One path, 10 people will die. The other path, 1 person will die. It’s a certainty that the train will go to one path or the other. Let’s ignore all the loopholes or various scenarios about the people on the tracks being criminals or people you know or whatever.

I have no respect for the people that wouldn’t press the button to make it more likely that the train only kills one person instead of 10. Sometimes, lack of action makes someone just as culpable as taking an action when you have the power to enact change and don’t use it.


Your scenario is a fallacy since the reality is we don’t know who is going to be the worst president; my gut is we’re equally screwed. Basing such a complex issue such as this year’s election on such an overly simplified example says much more about you than it does about me. Try again if you want or move on. I’m not asking for your respect nor do I need it. :slight_smile:


One is accused. The other is, according to the FBI, guilty except that no one in the Justice Department is willing to prosecute.


My point isn’t that they’re both guilty or not but rather these are the choices; in any other election, they wouldn’t even be allowed at their parties conventions if they had that stink on them, let alone nominated.

Every candidate, regardless of party, has been accused of any number of things in the last 40 years. It’s part of the game and until founded, that’s all it is - throwing stuff out to see what sticks (and dupe the American public, which is frighteningly easy nowadays).

I’ve done systems work for a few civilian agencies in the Federal Government. I can’t even BREATHE on systems that contain classified data. We all know the rules and we all know the consequences.

What she did violated a few dozen Federal guidelines, mandates, and security orders. Forget criminal consequences - if I had done what she did, I would have been not only fired but barred from performing any similar or related work for the REST OF MY LIFE.

Not only does she get literally no consequences at all, she’s got a chance to be the single most powerful person in the known frickin world. THAT is scary.


This is a false equivalency. You can’t compare Trump and Clinton and try to any way, shape, or form compare them as just as bad as one another.

The allegations against Clinton are mostly conspiracy theories drummed up by the alt-right. If she genuinely committed felonies as you allege, she would be in jail. The head of the FBI is a Republican. If she actually did the things Trump and his followers like to claim she did, she would be in jail. To try and push the narrative that she’s a criminal and got away with it is exactly what her opponents want you to believe to turn people off from voting from her. As I already said, I don’t even like Clinton, but I care deeply about facts. And the facts show that no, Clinton did not commit any crime let alone the ones you allege. Don’t take my word for it, go look up your own independent sources (this should be a mantra everyone follows - don’t believe anything you read on the internet without verifying it from NEUTRAL sources). Go check Politifact or some other nonpartisan websites for actual fact-based reporting. To try and say “they are both bad” is to put them as equally bad, which is an incredibly harmful belief considering how genuinely harmful Trump could be for our country.

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I am very bad in politics, might someone tell me how it ended up with those two candidates?

I’m not talking about being accused by some crackpot paper; these are allegations (against both candidates) with legs regardless of if they end up walking anyway. The fact that you seem to be anti-Hillary but not anti-Trump means you’ve already decided to accept one side’s dirt but not the other’s. That’s your choice but that’s on you, not me.

Forget the criminal allegations. Even the most ardent supporter says Hillary Clinton suffered from an extreme “lack of judgment” when it came to the email server. In fact, Hillary herself admitted it.

Someone with an admitted lack of judgement, when it comes to potentially leaking national security secrets. I know, let’s hand her the keys to the kingdom!

The short answer is corruption.

The long answer is a consolidation of power (ownership) of the media and unlimited donating power of corporate America that has resulted in corruption.


Actually, I don’t really care for (or against) Trump. I’m against Hillary and will vote for anyone that might be able to keep her out of the White House.