Warning politics, keep it civil please

Shocking news, but is it real. I call those of this game on whether this is real or fantasy. If it is real please tell me on how? If it is fake then please tell me how, and because we here are all some sort of smart, citing something might help get points across.



The title of this thread made me exited because I thought it would have been WikiLeaks releasing enough information to indict Hillary Clinton. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still Bernie or 3rd Party. :wink:

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I should. https://wikileaks.org/dnc-emails/

Not sure if satire, to quote a political person even if he did not say those things should get the person introuble.

Just have to read the first paragraph to know it is just some dumb democrat news writer just trying to get clicks. Just have to take a quick look at foxnews.com to confirm it is fake.

If for some odd reason he would do that, he would be to blame as much as Hillary while the country continues to go into the dumps for 4 more years.


Could be damage control though. I know politics is a terrible topic, (mostly because of one sided bias) but that is because people are not willing to think for themselves. If you present 2 options to a person, which option will they choose? The answer is easy, they choose one or the other, and are treated poorly if they even try a third option. Why does the third party not win? Because no one votes for it. Why does no one vote for it? Because it will not win. I checked with foxnews.com and nothing about this article is being touched.