Lets discuss conspiracy in a civilized manner

Ok everyone so i have been noticing a new thing as of late and remember i am usually about a decade late seeing trends.

That being said here is my question:

Do ppl actually believe the flat earth thing or is it a joke that i missed?


Don’t know if you’re trying to be funny and I’m not getting it, or if you’re being serious and didn’t think to try google. But for pretty much any belief you can name, there will be some people that seriously believe it. So yes, some people still believe the earth is flat.


He is surely more baffled about how big that movement actually is, i know i was when i stumbled upon them. ^^


Im not trying to be funny at all and i did do quite a bit of google-fu and was astounded by what i found…

At first i thought it was a joke but the more i saw the more it seemed to be genuine outrage from a lot of ppl.

That led me to 2 possible conclusions

  1. It was some inside joke i wasnt in on


  1. This is really a thing

I cant seem to find anyone who is half-way educated and believes flat earth who is willing to have a civil discussion about it.

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That probably tells you something. But to be fair, that can also be difficult with some more mainstream/popular beliefs too. Sometimes when people believe they’re right and you’re wrong, they refuse to have a real discussion about it, even if they’re pretty smart or well educated.

And with all that said, if you do want a discussion, try to do it in real life. The internet is where real discussions go to die…


Agreed however i dont know anyone who is a flat earther

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Or so you think…


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We all know it’s flat. The question is, what does it stand on??


Bad science


Well played


I heard about this around 2013 when I was indulging in one of my guilty pleasures which is conspiracy theories. Are they all really conspiracies? Or does some truth lie within that everyday people are not allowed access to? And there’s been a lot. From Area 51 to 911…flat earth…Chem trails…etc. Do I believe flat earth? I honestly don’t know what to believe in this world anymore. I have seen the YouTube videos and heard the info. Now part of me wants to reject the idea from the first mention of it. After all I’ve been told all my life it’s round. Now I wouldn’t want to look stupid or anything. But I can think outside the box too. I mean how much of history is actually true? Hmm. All I know is what I’ve been taught in school. Which I now know was mostly BS. So it all comes down to do I trust the information my government is giving me. Look what happened in Flint MI. Their government told them the water was safe. They lied. Now millions are poisoned and no one has even been convicted. Sorry I’m all over the place with this. The rabbit hole is deep. How far down do I dare go?

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I really like the conspiracy theories about the moon landing being faked.

@EmsDad15 i can appreciate your skepticism of what the government tells us as i agree and never take anything at face value

I also share your distaste of what we were told while in the penitentiary called school and i would also agree that conspiracy does exist (gulf of tonkin, operation northwoods ect.)

Your post has got me thinking if i should change this thread to a conspiracy discussion thread…

Might be fun…

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Yeah, considering how things have gone with a bunch of other threads over the last couple weeks, what could possibly go wrong…


Lol hence the end of the new title hopefully ppl are mature enough to be civil and able to have an open and honest discussion without it devolving into outright hostility

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People who believe the earth is flat also tend to believe:

The moon landing was faked.
Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.
God speaks to them through their television, usually in the voice of Pat Roberts.
There are too many kids on their lawn.


I’ve heard the arguments about the moon landing also. Very amusing theories. The main one I believe I heard was that it was staged to keep people from trying to reach it because there is actually an invisible dome covering our planet.Lol.

I believe that a person might hear GOD as THEY know him speaking to them through the TV. But I’m sure there is a clinical name for that.

And yes. Do not walk on grass.


The flat earth thing is new to me… and frankly a bit strange…
The Bishop Experiment is interesting evidence, but I can’t argue any of the math either way.

I am an admitted round-earther and I can’t help but feel that in some respect their disregard for gravity and the affect it has on us and our ability to perceive the world around us, the empirical method they use as justification, is their biggest flaw.

After all, take a rock in a sling. We are the rock, the sling is the earth, and your arm is the rotation of the earth. At slow speeds the rock falls out of the sling. Earth rotates too slow we would fall off. However at a higher speed the rock no longer wants to fall out, it is held in place. (Centrifugal Force) And thus people are held in place and don’t fall off the face of the planet. (Gravity)

That is probably HORRIBLE science but it makes sense to me. :joy:


These are my favs

and the real jfk conspiracy…is that they have everyone thinking he was assassinated :relaxed: