USA Presidential Election


I’m won’t even start to read this thread.

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grr since I live in USA I got to say - we are doomed with all of the above. we have not had any good runners for awhile IMO

i just thought about this post little more and don’t want a debate about it.

just opinion, go to vote and it is like “which is least retarded/corrupt etc.” to cast vote


Trump would actually raise the debt MORE than Hillary or Bernie ever could. Just a few things he wants to do are:

  • Build a wall across the southern border. Even if he somehow gets Mexico to pay for it, America will need to spend money to maintain the border. The cost of maintaining that wall effectively would cost more in a decade than it cost to build it in the first place.
  • Fix America’s infrastructure problem. Bernie proposed a 1 trillion dollar plan that will help with the effort, but is by no means going to fix all of America. If Trump was to fix all of it, it would cost a few trillion dollars.
  • Expand military. America already spends the most on their military by a huge margin. He wants to make it even higher.
  • More Bombing. He wants to increase funding for bombing even more than it currently stands. If America stopped bombing for a few months it could pay for tuition free college for several years.
  • A better healthcare system. I have no clue what his current position is on this, but last I heard it is to remove state borders and then offer states a single payer system if they so choose. This mixed system would cost a lot and would only raise prices more.
  • Tax breaks for the rich. i.e. Let’s stop trying to pay off our debt.
  • Is considering a USA bankruptcy. That would easily throw the entire world’s economy upside down if the US dollar is no longer stable. If anything was to cause WW3, that would likely be it.

I’m not saying Trump would be a bad president, but he will by no means be cheaper than Hillary or Bernie.


I predict this thread is going to burst into WW3.

All I know is that I hope the guy throwing Muslims and Latinos under the bus to get votes and talking about bringing back waterboarding and “more” doesn’t become president. That’s not even including the mountain of other insanity. It’s embarrassing internationally that he will even be on the ballot.


“Nuking Europe isn’t off the table.” - Donald Trump

I’m sure he can say anything and gain more popularity at this point.


Trump literally played Americans and used their hidden fears to get free advertising. It’s genius on an absolutely terrifying level. Some people call Hitler a genius too and look how that turned out…


That comparison was only a matter of time. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed that.


I have a simple rule when it comes to politics…anyone that wants to be a politician should never be allowed to be elected.


Language mate, keep it civil.


Congratulations! You sound exactly like your candidate.


Well the way I look at it is…

Only two parties have been in control of America and look how far we have fallen. Each party has taken turns destroying America and stripping the citizens of their rights and freedoms.

Now the really sad part is both the parties have the same objective, keep and grow power. Oh and do just enough to keep their zombie followers happy.

There are only two real parties left, the government and the people…guess which party is winning


The squirrel speaks truth.


Squirrels are contemplating a new world order. This is based on the fact that the person to squirrel ratio around me is around 1:50 with squirrels in the lead.


By weight, there are as many ants as humans in the world.


You will be nuts if you don’t…er you would be nuts not to join the movement!


Sometimes I feel like being in a zoo. We have:

  • A squirrel
  • A gorilla
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  • A Pokemon
  • A worm with a terrible face
  • etc.

We sure are a weird bunch of people :laughing:

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Who’s the Pokemon? :open_mouth:

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Oh must be some od newer pokemons, I stoped watching after they introduced to many new ones. .


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Wheres the difference between a zoo and a political campaign? :open_mouth: