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Tyri is not good enough!

Then what do you call about… everyone who levels their troops having a dearth of souls? I know they come from just about everywhere but ponies-- “Like me!” --can never get enough of them. Even the Motherlode that costs $100 is enough to get a common from 1-20. That’s it.

Expect more intrusions from my pony side… he’s not going away.

Need tyri bump to perhaps 25%?[quote=“Mr.Strange, post:40, topic:5171”]
All in how you look at it.

good point

Souls are ABSOLUTELY the big limiting currency at high levels of play. I feel that pinch myself every day!

There are about 8,000 “easy” souls to get from quests & challenges. That’s enough to get new players a few level 15 cards, which is the threshold at which they can be competitive in PvP. That allows them to start earning glory at a reasonable rate.

Earning souls beyond that is much slower - several weeks to level up a team of 4 new cards. (This is slightly mitigated these days by the hero buff, since many teams are now 3 troops & hero).

At very high levels of play, arena runs are probably the fastest way to earn souls - Celestial armor will get you 1,000 souls for winning 8 fights. Farming challenges with Valkyrie, at a difficulty slightly above normal, can earn you 100 souls a fight - which is comparable.

But the intent is that most players never even get close to “max level” for all their troops. Games like GoW are at their best when the scarcity of resources is nicely balanced to the rate at which new content is introduced, to give players interesting allocation problems with unique and satisfying solutions.

Well, I do get how scarcity of resources needs to be kept under control, but I wish this scarcity would be balanced without having to play Valkyrie (or rely on the Arena that not everyone find fun / interesting).

Valkyrie should be at best a little plus, not the troop without wich resources are too scarce for a battle to be worth playing…


I agree - it’s unfortunate that everything about gathering souls is minimal - until suddenly Valkyrie which is HUGE. It would be great to have some intermediary options. That’s something I expect Infinity+2 is working on - we’ll follow their lead as they add the content to improve that.


Grinding for souls is neither unique, not satisfying. I do it, but if there was an alternate method (mini game, etc) I would do that also.

Grinding for ANYTHING isn’t fun.

To give a somewhat related example, when I discovered that you have to ‘grind’ in a certain gem-matching game-- Bejewelled BLITZ-- just to win special power-up gems that will even allow you to progress at higher levels, for me the latest Bejewelled sequels completely lost the magical appeal that BJ2 and 3 had.

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That still won’t guarantee a map. I cast as much as possible and got nout.

some other grinding methods. [quote=“Machiknight, post:46, topic:5171”]
(mini game, etc) I would do that also.

This is why tyri needs higher chance at least for me. Maps give tons of souls and do not take more than a minute to 5 if you can last that long and the pay out is so much better than other grinding methods. Also i love playing treasure hunt.

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I just want more types of mini games.

Don’t we all, don’t we all.

Grinding is fun if you enjoy playing the game enough…

Diablo 3 is one long grind but I still love it… same for Gems Of War when I needed to grind out stones…

In Diablo, your procedurally-generated dungeons are different all the time, and you do each treasure run anticipating the wondrous sound of a beautiful, golden Unique popping out of that special chest or boss.

In challenge grinding for traitstones, I cannot think of a task which is more irritating. 25% chance of not getting any traitstone at all? I don’t know what’s more ridiculous. Maybe woodcutting for gold was in Fable 3?

I don’t want to grind the same task over and over and not get anything a quarter of the time.

What I want is the ability to forge my own customized weapons. Like using the Forge mini games found in Puzzle Quest.

Personally i think that grinding in this game is fun but the problem is that it is grinding maps is fun challenges is not. The only reason to grind is to gather resources but to what end? If you do not want to be a completionist you can just finish the story quests and call the game complete at that point.

For me, PVP is the game.

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From what I’ve been able to figure out about Tyri’s “ability”, personally is pretty pointless since its really meant to cause more chained matches & then hope those chained matches lead up to a scroll.

The chances become better if you pick the right gems to “steal” from the board, and you can do that with any card that removes gems with their ability. And the game is more likely to put those odds in it’s favor than ours - couple times the computer succeeded in getting enough chained matches to get a scroll (feels like a taunt like the Simpsons’ character Nelson yelling “Ha Ha!”).

Actually i’ve gotten a map from casting tyri (you see the gold image or gold and map image when you cast) and the subsequent 7 chain. Making that one cast net 2 maps :slight_smile:

shes got a 20% chance, which means ABOUT 1 time in 5 you will get a map. i do a double tyri team for map farming. i pick a challenge and kill the first 3 guys, then i keep casting as long as i can until the 4th dies from random skull damages. usually on normal i get between 2 and 5 maps (and they take a little while, but not too long)

The idea behind tyri teams is protect tyri, then fill tyri, then cast on a gem that fills tyri, then cast on a gem that fills tyri, then i think you get your point,

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Now that would be worth thinking about. I like your idea.

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I use
Banner of Song
With this team I can farm maps and souls. Gold too but the cap is so low it’s kinda pointless. The Dryad keeps itself and Tyri alive easily since it is fed by Valk and alch. I get more maps than I can use in a week after 15 min or so.