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Tyri is not good enough!

Might i implore a terrible idea to the devs about increasing the map part of tyri from 20% to perhaps 30%? It is perhaps insanity to use tyri multiple times in multiple battles to lose her early and get no maps.


It’s free maps, what’s the problem here?

I read someone got 39 maps (which was glitchily cut-down to 19 or so) in one game. I’ve honestly been worried that Tyri could mess up the low-level economy since her change.

It’s not a terrible idea, but I’m very much personally against it.
But more opinions are better than one so lets what others think of the idea.

She’s a much faster mana accelerator than I expected. I’d like to say I’ve found a good use for her, but she works in such a counter intuitive way to how I think about building teams, that I haven’t worked her into a team yet.

im using gob shaman, valk, tyri, webspinner. also have used green slime for webspinner. my guild says that treant makes a good first card. I also have used a serpant in the first spot with 3 traits (that dodge is nice)

I can say for certain that i said it was a terrible idea. As a mana accelerator she is great at maintaining herself to consistently use her effect but the ai likes to target her most of the time with their spells. At higher map collection it glitches out but you have to be able to stall for that long to pull it off without killing the opponent. Most games either tyri dies with one or 2 casts or she fires off multiple times other team dies to cascade skulls and i get 2 maps tops. As far as low level economy goes most people using it for maps do not have the troops to maintain and build around her to make her viable. I might go for the goblin shaman approach though to be fair.

I did not have webspinner but i did have giant spider.

If anything they need to nerf Tyri or put a limit on maps/game. She’s totally wrecked the idea of maps having limited availability.

I don’t think that maps had limited availability cause you could get them through rewards for 30 glory and through cascades of 8 or more. They did make getting glory easier too so we no longer need to get to rank 1 in pvp and then login daily to get enough glory to get that weeks troop. I love playing maps personally i just feel that at her level tyri does not have decent stats compared to other troops.

If you find her too fragile, try using troops like Sunweaver or Emperina to keep her alive. Neither conflict with her colors so they won’t slow her mana collection.

Sticking Sunweaver at the bottom when you have an Alchemist or Valkyrie in the team will work quite well considering she also gives mana back on top of boosting life expectancy.

I personally think maps became too easy to gather with her change, but if it keeps people interested in playing I can’t complain too much.

For a tank I always prefered Lance Knight. He recently got a huge boost with his Boost ratio now x2 and with his Mana Cost now 7. He charges with a single 3-Blue match most of the time with Water Link.

Treant just can get insane amounts of Attack after a long game and wipe out the enemy Team with a lucky drop combo.

I think the design team realized there are tons of players that mostly want to play the Treasure Hunt game. So now they have a reliable way to enjoy that part of the game, even if they don’t enjoy PvP.

It’s to the point where it is a parallel method for advancement.

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Don’t think Tyri needs a boost - she self mana’s which makes it possible to cast her many times. Like an earlier post I thought this would impact the economy.

If the AI is targeting her - then pick a challenge where the characters cannot. Going on memory only, I thought the first Khaziel challenge was 4 golems.

I think the current 20% chance is fine… don’t want it to be too easy to get maps… with a little thinking and work you can easily get 2-3 extra maps from a battle that doesn’t take hours to finish…

Since they added traits all challenges have been changed. Depending on when you last played almost if not all teams in challenges have minimum one targeter troop

If anything comparable to Tyri is not good enough, that’s the legendary Hero weapon “Anu’s Scepter” :

Comparison with Tyri :
Rank : Legendary vs Epic
Mana cost : 9 vs 8
number of mana colors : 1 vs 2
Main effect : destroy all vs almost all gems of a chosen mana color
Side effect : none vs +5gold and +20% chances for a free treasure map

Very true except seeing as it is apart of the hero the stats are equal to the hero’s stats as well as whether the hero has a class attached and whether the hero has traits or not.

Well, compare hero stats + traits + legendary weapon to any legendary troop’s stats + traits + legendary weapon.
If the hero has the right class for that weapon, he will almost always be ahead (provided the 2 spells can be compared).

Like, compare Behemoth to any AOE hero weapon with the right class. Hero is ahead, and that’s a legendary to legendary comparison, not Epic to Legendary.

I think 20% is fine. I leveled Tyri and I’ve been using her–she’s fragile but useful and I can get a few maps out of a battle.

It would be cool if ascending Tyri also ascended the map chance.

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also scepter cant target blue gems and reload itself while tyri can!

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I need to make a dedicated Tyri/Valkyrie Team to farm Maps/Souls, any suggestions?