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Tyri is not good enough!

I have a great team with giant spider, Tyri, Sylvasi and a shaman. I run it on the first level of Tyri’s home kingdom. Sylvasi strips everyone of their attack and having thr giant spider in front with giant gets a ton of health so I can run the team forever. The reaver challenge has a giant spider at the bottom of the enemy team who keeps spawning spiders and sylvasi strips armor so you can avoid skulls and focus on running Tyri. I can pick up 5-10 maps regularly (max was 13 one time) before random cascades kill off the enemy team.


Well… You don’t get Maps from Tyri yet on PS4/Xbox1, wich mean this deck would be for patch 1.0.9 right no matter wich platform, right?
So I guess it’s alright if I don’t check wether or not the unit I put in said deck are available on PS4/Xbox1, right?

I like to play
Purple banner
Anointed One

Valkyrie can’t feed out of red when paired with Anointed One wich is a shame considering how well they combo. Tyri comes in to help : she feeds out of a simple 3 purple match (with a surge), then she destroy red gems to get mana for Valkyrie.
Valkyrie powers up Anointed one, who will then power up himself + Azir (easily) + Valkyrie (a bit maybe).
With the strength of Anointed One, you don’t need an army of skull to bring down ennemies, Azir is that chirurgical skull Anointed one needs to kill one guy at a time :slight_smile:

what is this word i do not know?

Apparently, a bad translation on my side ^^‘
The correct word seems to be “surgical”, I was pretty sure it was a transparent word ^^’

We do now after the Update.

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And does Tyri destroy gems instead of removing them?

Console Tyri works exactly like PC/Mobile Tyri does now.

All of our Troops got all of the balance changes you got in 1.09 in fact.

Oh, then, if you have Darkstone and Anointed One, you’re good to go with the deck I gave then !

We are getting Darkstone soon, so I’ll use that Team when I get an Anoited One.

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3 epics - but all of them you get from quest lines, so it’s easy to build. +2 blue banner. Focus on filling Valkyrie ASAP, fire it off once, and then laugh maniacally as you farm souls & maps. Ideal play is to use Tyri on green gems, and use Valkyrie on brown gems. Alastair keeps everyone alive, and keeps the purple gems gone - increasing the chances of a cascade from one of your other effects!


Just had a look at first challenge in Khaziel (no golem’s - my memory didn’t work so good there), but it only has characters which ‘randomly target’. So should avoid your concern that the AI ‘targets’ her.

Dwarven Miner (gold)
Bombardier (random damage & possible burn)
Deep Borer (destroy a column, spawn brown)
Stone Giant (random damage)

I tried Tyri for getting maps, got nothing after 5 battles with her so gave up.

You aren’t casting her enough then @ruzin. Her chance to get a Map is only 20%, so you need to use her Spell at least 10 times a match

If nothing else, at least give us every map we earned from Tyri. I once got 19 off of it, but it got cut all the way to 5. That’s 420 Glory’s worth of maps unwantedly taken from me, and everyone else who got that or more. We’re always gonna need souls and gold, which the maps provide, and it never hurts to get more keys.

5 appears to be the cap for Consoles unfortunately

cap on pc is 10 which is both great and bad.

Consoles have Personal Tasks, one of which is “Use 4 Treasure Maps”.

It nets 100 Glory each time and it procs a lot for the third slot :sunglasses:

You guys on consoles have things i want so badly but wait the refund of maps is not worth the map expenditure though.
Each map i thought cost 30 glory so 40 maps should be about 120 glory and you get refunded 100 glory. This means unless you got 20 glory from 4 maps (which i will admit is actually very likely depending on how good you are) it does not pay very well.

I cannot speak for others but Glory can vary wildly between 5-40+ for me. It’s not uncommon for me to get an average of 20 Glory a Map, so doing that Task is a guaranteed 150-200 Glory run.

You can get enough Glory a week from the Task alone to get 6+ Weekly Troop packs. Good for instant Ascension and Traiting :wink:

I’m going to offer an alternative point of view:

Any time you can spend X resources, and get back even slightly more than X, you have discovered an essentially limitless fountain of infinite resources.

All in how you look at it.

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