11 Maps in one run!


I just made a Tyri team, just read about her 20% for maps.

I got 11 maps in one challenge run.


Edit: This is a photo of my PC screen, not an actual screen shot


Nice :slight_smile:


Did you actually get all 11 maps? I consistently “get” 7 maps but only 5 are ever added to my total. I think there may be a cap on the number you can get per match.


Seems like I did. I think I was just under 200 and Im at 210 so it appears I got them all. I had been paying attention to the exact amounts of maps I had since its a lot.

I’ll do another run and make sure to check the map count before, that would stink if they cap it.


Hmm bad news I guess. This makes a future ‘bulk use’-option for maps far less likely to ever come :disappointed:


what team did you use?


I use Alcemist/Valkyrie/Tyri/Giant Spider for map farming. Judging from the screenshot, it looks like Lola uses a very similar lineup.


Why, seems like more of a reason


Trean/Tyri/Giant spider/Valk

The treant is just to suck up damage since the rest of the team is not that strong. You could use anything with stoneskin I suppose


If you can farm them as easy as that, adding a ‘bulk use’-option would somewhat mix up the economy. If you can farm like 10 maps in 5 minutes and use 10 maps at once for 5-10 times the payout, you’d either get too much rewards for time spent or they have to reduce overall payout to adress this, which would just as well cripple the economy.

So I vote for a cap on maps per match and a ‘bulk use’-option via treasure hunt. Or add a possibility to use maps on something different than treasure hunt - heck I would even sell em back to the shop for as little as 300 gold each, and I only have like 500 - there’s people with 1000+ maps which they’ll never be able to get rid of.

Be it as it is, some folks love them maps - I for one think it’s a waste of time.


Ive been only getting 5 maps for some time now even though ive gotten more than that on the awards screen. I contacted support who gave me 10 free maps and asked for some screenshots. I done a test match after this in Windows and got 7 maps of which I got all 7.

The next day at work I played a long match on Android and got 21 maps. But unfortunately I only got 5 maps added. I then played a match on Windows and got 12 maps but only got 5 added. So ive gone back to support with screenshots.


That is interesting. Ive played a few since this screenshot and only got 5 both in game and added. Im trying to get more to see if in fact they do get added to your inventory. Im playing on PC


I just contacted support with some screenshots of what I’m seeing on my Android device. Hopefully they can get to the bottom of this and/or clarify what’s happening. Treasure maps are currently my best source of glory and I’d love to be able to get more than 5 maps per game.


maybe it has to do with difficulty?


According to the game I earned 17 maps in one go, but I think I only got 5. So is there a limit to maps?