Do you use Tyri to farm Treasure Maps?

Hi everyone !
Just met someone who told me he used tyri and some goblins to farm treasure maps, so I’ve been wondering if people really grind on treasure maps ??

is that seriously for real ? 0.0

I would imagine if I was a new player under lv 100 this would appeal, Currently have around 480 of the things and not one of the maps shows me where the trashcan is so I can dump the rest.


with good Guild you have tons of Maps we dont even donate for Maps because everyone have more then enough

I don’t want maps if it wasn’t for the personal task I’d never use em.

I’ve got over 600 maps and I’ve never used Tyri to farm for them. With the cascades and the guild tasks, you’ll get more than I’m getting more than I’ll ever use…

would be nice if you could use like 10 at once and Result x10

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I can confirm you as a new player that the treasure maps come across really interesting, because in terms of gain/time ratio it brings, to my opinion, more to my virtual wallet then battling my way through longer fights due to a lack of troops to create good synergy teams from.


When you are still struggling with the two vault trophy treasure maps are highly welcomed. I didn’t know you could farm them with tyri though.

Yes i use tyri to get maps. My tyri team is Templar***,priestess***, tyri***,mercy***. Protect tyri and abuse tyri. my flag is mono green. It is hard to play but once you figure out all its kinks you can net about 5 maps a game. You are not trying to win with this team though you might if you are unlucky cause you have to sacrifice either maps or a win and most times you will kill your enemy while trying to gather maps. i rarely get less than one map. This is my main team and i am working on maxing whitehelm’s power to get more glory to do more maps.

No Mercy on Console yet @killerman3333.

My Team for Treasure Map/Soul farming is;

Lance Knight***
using Adana’s banner

Just fill and fire off Valkyrie to fill your tanks and collect Souls and use Tyri whenever there is 8+ Purple/Green Gems to refill herself. You can fire her off 3 turns in a row most of the time, then do a Valkyrie/Lance Knight cycle to get Purple/Green to drop. Behemoth is there as a tank and to kill when you have to.

as a level 800+ i love maps. I farm maps in areas where i am getting traits stones. I like that i can get 2 or 3 traitstones with minimal effort with treasure hunt.

it is easy way to get glory and souls.
my team is
goblin shaman***
dryad ***

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Oooh two tyris!

I’ve been using:


Been trying on two challenges with the famous Fortress Gate with

Goblin Chaman
(mostly defensive)

I could abuse Tyri with that for a max result of 5 maps in a duel

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I’m in a guild that gets about 4-5 tasks done per day which is not as much as the top ones by any stretch. I run Tyri as an integral part of my team as a mana gatherer/deny. The treasure maps are a welcome change of pace to me, seeing that everything else in this game is a full 4 on 4 match. PvP, challenges, unlocking classes, the Arena, you get my point. The rewards from the maps are also a huge thing for me. I average 4 keys, 25 glory, 1200 gold, 5 trait stones and 40 souls per map. Nothing gives that much variety of resources ib the game. And it is risk-free unlike PvP or the Arena. :slight_smile:
My team:
Old gods banner
Psion(Winter Imp, Behemoth, any blue damage dealer)
Tyri charges in 2 matches of purple or green and fills up either Jarl or Valkyrie depending on the board setup. Jarl charges Valkyrie and himself and does great damage, Valkyrie charges Psion and gets souls, Psion does true damage to all and steals mana from all.
I run this as my all-around team. PvP, challenges, you name it. And it works. :slight_smile:

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The only risk in arena is 1000 gold. I get what your saying though that maps are great and rewarding. Tyri love forever. Also that soul making valkyrie is a nice looking part of your team.

1000 gold is more than 3 iron keys… :slight_smile:

Valkyrie was actually just my neccessary blue mana generator for Psion when I began. :slight_smile: After some great advice from my guild mates I decided to keep her. Need 5 more of her for legendary ascension. All thanks to Tyri, my friend. I started playing just 3 and a half weeks ago, believe me. :slight_smile: So far I made over 1.2 million gold and collected 14 legendaries, 3 duplicates, and ascended three cards to legendaries. All true.
Tyri rocks not just as a gimmick like some other cards that make you play for 15 minutes per match to gather max gold and souls. I never abuse Tyri for the heck of it and just one map will get me more than Valkyrie, Alchemist and others can in over an hour.
Tyri 4EVER :heart_eyes:

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@kzintiwife can you explain to me how you farm an area? As a level 800+ i can imagine you have done all the questing and the area-related remainders are the challenges then? And am I to understand that the treasure map payout holds into account then where you received the treasure map?

I’m trying to get all my kingdoms to 3 star, so im looking for a lot of traitstones. I pick a kingdom then pick a troop. I then go to the kingdom that has both colors im looking for. I put on hard or warlord and the celestial armor (because of valk). In the challenges, i avoid poison at all costs.

I usually try to do 1 of the first screen of challenges. If on warlord 1, i die, i move on to the next challenge. When i find one i can beat this way, i go to hard. I try to kill all but the last guy. I get him down to 2 skull matches from death. Then spam green and purple . This lets me use gob shaman to get hp, blue to get shield on the guy being attacked (either gob or dryad since tryi cant be targetted by anything but random)

i cant remember your build what was it again. (i am too lazy to look for it)

Gob shaman , dryad, tyri***, tyri***