Do you use Tyri to farm Treasure Maps?

thank you so much.

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Maps don’t pay well enough for me to grind them. Hopefully when we get the map game update that’ll change.

i have not gotten more than 99 moves and i can tell you that i have gotten over 10k in gold from a map.

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Thanks for that tyri team. I was tired of spending glory for maps.


Now that’s a great idea!!!
Give us the element of gambling a little bit more in the game :sunglasses:

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I do now! ohh guess who doesn’t have 3K+ souls to train her to 15+ !! but i have grasped 3 scrolls from using her at level 10, so… onward marching!

I’ve been using serpent, valkrie, alchemist, tyri. Playing stone wall in broken spire on warlord 4. I lose fairly quickly when I’m done constantly manipulating the board for 3-5 minutes.

You keep the souls, gold, and maps you earned during a fight, even if you lose?

How about Tyri as defender troop in pvp, does the AI bring in maps whilst defending?

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and No.

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You do in a challenge, you don’t get to keep the gold in PvP except for 4-5 match gold and gold from characters like tyri, downside is you don’t get traitstones from my method

on the pc (i know this is a console but i thought i would share) - if you DEFEND, you dont get the trait or spell additions.
so you get up to the base 4 souls even if you have valk traited or she fires off a spell. Same with money from dwarf or alchemist.

Actually, I don’t think you keep the maps you earned during a fight anymore if you lose. Last week it was like that, but it doesn’t do that anymore, at least for me. I have to win the fight to keep the maps now

Also, hi Zelfore! :slight_smile:

It is capped now. On PC you should be able to keep ten. If not it is a big bug and the devs should be made aware.

I’ll try it again. My friend experienced the same thing too. And I definitely didn’t get 10 maps in one game

You have to earn 10 maps to get ten maps and it is 20% chance per cast if I remember correctly

I tested and was able to collect on mobile. 2 maps generated and collected our of about 9 casts fromTyri.

Works fine for me, so if your experience says otherwise in the future, I’d recommend making a ticket.

I also confirmed the count with the collection tab in the hero weapon. Are you sure you were rewarded the map? When you cast the spell Tyri will always have gold animation appear above her. If you got a map the map will appear above the gold and animated as well.

I’ve noticed that the percentage isn’t a guaranteed 20% either (such as you aren’t necessarily getting one map per 5 casts), I’ve cast her several times in a match and got a map from a lucky cascade, and then I’ve also gotten a map each cast for the first 4 casts in a match

Of course it isn’t… it’s just a 20% proc whenever you cast, the game has no record of how many times you’ve cast it…