Map Farming... NOT capped at 10 maps per run!

Maybe they were at one point, but since I’ve been playing (about a week ago) they have NOT been capped. Proof below.

And in case you think the one extra was from a cascade.


Edit: Team was Dryad, Wight, Tyri, Goblin Shaman if anyone else is curious.

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Interesting… I’ll test this myself once I get home. This was on PC I assume?

It’s PC., that UI isn’t on Consoles yet.

Also, you think 10 was bad. Consoles cap is 5!

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Actually @Phaethon , did you earn them AND keep them?

I can earn 20+ but only 5 will actually count

That’s not exactly proof.
The claim, as I remember it, was that the amount written in the victory screen is not actually fully added to your map count.

Did you check how many maps you had before and after the match, to see if you actually got that much?

They were all credited to my map count. No way I can really prove that without a video, though. But they did all count.

You remember correctly

Did you check how many you had in storage after the victory screen?[quote=“Phaethon, post:6, topic:8194”]
But they did all count.

Can you retest this and take a before screen shot of your map count then do a farming of a certain amount showiing how many in the battle you earned then go back to your collection and show how a screen shot of how many you stored?

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I could, but it would be pointless. There’s no way that I could prove that I’m not running multiple games to get there. Look, I don’t have any horse in this race. I was on the Global chat earlier and someone argued that you could not get more than 10 maps in one run. I distinctly remembered getting more than 10 in a run and decided to run it and screencap it. You can try it for yourself and see how many get credited. You may not wish to do that if you think I’m running a con, but like I said, I have no reason to lie here and have only cataloged my own results. I checked before and after the farm and, from my experience, all were credited…

Best of luck and, again, happy farming.

I believe you, solid evidence is hard to get and without devs telling us about their silent patches the screen caps can be used to determine evidence if given time stamps. I love tyri to death, and i run her in a whitehelm team i tried to make in the fantasy series, however it is time consuming but i will test it myself and if it comes back true then ofc i will corroborate your story. How ever if it is a UI bugthen i will discover it with your help.

@Phaethon what team were you running?


maybe devs will actually look into map multipliers now that they removed the cap per game :DDD

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and on console, I already made up to 9 in a duel (not that bad) It was displayed, that I had won 9 scrolls. But i effectevely actually got only 5 of them.

That’s how it works on consoles

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Map total is capped, on both console & PC/mobile.

Cap was recently increased on PC/mobile. Console cap will be increased with upcoming patch.


Great to hear, I’ll be relying on Maps for Glory after the Tasks nerf

We’ll I’m looking forward for this patch sir, cause that’s pretty UNFAIR !! When you made them and deserve 8 scrolls, it’s silly to only get 5.

What will the cap be raised to? 10?20?30?

I’m actually NOT a fan of raising the cap. Because drawing a match out to gain more scrolls isn’t very fun. But people will do it when the option is there. Thus they’ll have less fun, and it’s our fault.

But we keep parity with the console side on things like this, so I’m not the final say. So prove me wrong!

Sometimes you have to work a job just to afford the vacation @Mr.Strange. With this the vacation will be worth its weight in workload as it is on pc/mobile. Some people grind for maps and others grind with maps.

Farming isn’t supposed to be fun, but it IS supposed to accumulate resources. 5 Maps isn’t enough when you need 100s a week

This is the sort of thing game designers struggle with. Our goal is that you have fun. But (oddly) if we give you tools that are NOT fun, some players will gravitate to them, and complain loudly.

And consider - if people who are NOT having fun are rewarded with faster advancement & progress - how does that affect the community’s perspective of the game? That’s the sort of second-order effect that drives a lot of decisions.

As a player, your appetites are infinite. That’s natural, and I don’t mean to imply that you should think otherwise.