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Limit on treasure maps received from match?

Is there a limit on the number of treasure maps you can receive from a match? I finished a match and the pop up at the end said +7 maps but I only actually received 5. So, if there is a limit I assume it is 5 per match. If there isn’t a limit then there seems to be a bug of some sort affecting me.

might be a bug as i some are reporting getting 10 maps

Had the same problem, but I only got 5 of the 17 shown.
I don’t mind a cap, but thinking you’ll get 17 only to get 5 is kind of a bummer.

I’m still seeing this. Everytime I finish a match with more than 5 maps earned I only actually receive 5 maps. I contacted support with screenshots of what I’m seeing a day or so ago. Hopefully I’ll hear back from with some clarification as to whether this is intentional or a bug.

It makes sense for there to be a cap, just like Souls, but it would be nice if the UI only showed 5 at the end of the match.

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Would be nice if the cap changed with difficulty like souls and gold.

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Got a support response from a Tom who says

Thanks for letting us know about this! It’s an issue we’ve already been made aware of, and are currently working to solve it.

So it seems that maybe the cap isn’t supposed to exist and I’ve been getting robbed of treasure maps. Maybe Tyri is keeping the extras for herself.

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I’m guessing there is a cap. That note doesn’t say specifically that the cap is the problem. It could mean that they want to fix the messaging and there is supposed to be the cap.

I suppose it could mean that. But I’m holding out hope that that’s not the case.

We need hope and i know a guy who can help with that. here let me just call @Sirrian and see if he has any answers he can give us. If he doesn’t we can complain until he does. (inb4 banned)

@Nimhain shout outs are also very helpful for situations like this

We have deployed out a partial fix for this, let us know if you’re still getting issues. eg. how many treasure maps you should have received, and how many you actually received.

No one shout out for you @Andrew :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Just kidding though, I love when any one of you shows up go clarify things :slight_smile:
From this day on, I shall shout out your name when ever clarification about the game is needed :thumbsup:

I just played a challenge with a Tyri team.

Earned 7 maps and 7 were put in my inventory so it looks like all is good

Just got 6 maps from a match. Looks like it may be fixed now.

I still had an issue with maps being received. I did not receive 8 of the 17 earned in a match.
Not really going to complain because i did receive most of them.
But there still is an issue when receiving 10+ maybe?

I played a match earlier on my IOS and earned 23 maps, and only got 12. Not happy. I also finished a guild reward the other day, for 12 glory keys, and I got an error and had to close the game and when I went back in my gold was gone, the task was completed but I received NO keys. I hope they work this out soon, it makes me not want to play the game as much!!

@Elarcadia, I reported the same thing over a week ago, hopefully that gets fixed soon.

Popup said I earned 13, only got 10 though.

Ten appears to be the cap now. What the popup’s displaying is the actual issue at the moment.