Treasure maps not being awarded

I’m having a problem with the treasure hunt mini game. I’ve won at least 3-4 treasure maps (just started playing) yet when I go to the treasure hunt mini game it says I have zero treasure maps. Is there any way to fix this issue? It’s kind of a bummer to keep winning treasure maps but not be able to use them.

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Your new here so excuse me if I find this obligatory to ask, but what platform are you playing on?

If you are playing on PC/Mobile/Tablet, might I recommend contacting support?

While if it’s Xbox One/Playstation 4, try contacting this support here instead.

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I’m playing on Xbox One. I contacted support but haven’t received a reply as of yet and thought that I might get a quicker response here.

Sadly the staff here can’t do anything for XB1/PS4 platforms, so you’ll sadly have to wait for a response from 505.

Hi, I have also found this issue on xbox one. I have a theory that you may need to complete all the quests in that kingdom prior to unlocking it, much like the arena and so forth. Please let me know what tech support informs you and I will let you know if it work when you complete the kingdom quest line.


To @Miranda
This is not one of the requirements to play the treasure hunt game it is a bug and you will need to report it to Xbox one or PS4 support team Located in this link

Gems Of War Team

Support got back to me today. They said they are aware of the bug and are working to fix it. Until then there’s not much we can do. They suggested uninstalling and reinstalling the game but that didn’t work for me.

Thank you. I understand there are going to be issues with a new launch on new platforms. Hope they fix it soon.