Can't find how to access treasure hunt


I’m a bit confused as I’ve been reading about ‘treasure hunts’ using the treasure maps that sometimes get given but I can’t even find where to play this mini game. I’ve acquired three treasure maps so far but they’re useless if there’s no option to play the mini game?


You have to have Zhul’Kari unlocked, a kingdom towards the east. Treasure hunts are accessed through that kingdom.


Oh ok, thankyou.


Yeah just go to the kingdomg called “Zhul’ Kari” (On the bottom of the map) you should see it when you are there.


FYI, it is bugged for PS4 and XBox One. Support tickets have been recomended, peeps who have responded indicating a known issue with no current resolution. Uninstall / reinstall of the game has been recommended, but no one has noted success with that yet.



It seems to work fine for me. I’ve not had the issue of maps being regarded as there as of yet.


Glad to hear it is working for some. I like the treasure map feature for some low-stress evening wrap up kind of play. :smiley: For a number of peeps the Treasure Hunt icon is there, but none of our maps get credited and therefore we can’t launch the mini game.



We can confirm that this was fixed. :slight_smile: Please be sure to exit out of the game completely and restart – especially if you tend to suspend/rest your console with the game still in the background – and you should be good to go!

BTW, Treasure Hunts are one of my favorite features of this game as well! Very addicting! :smiley:

-505 Games Support