PS4 - Use 4 Treasure Maps - task

Hey, looks like a bug. Have just used 4 treasure maps, however the quest still says 0/4.

Playing on PS4 - cheers

Moved to console version chat.

I guess that falls under the jurisdiction of the console version support.

Sure it does. But one told me I should post it in PC because faster replies.

We can actually help you with this, though. :wink: Please contact us over at and we can take care of you! This is a known issue that will be fixed in the next update (release date is still TBD, but it will be soon!).

Thanks for the support. Just too lazy sending in a ticket. I can be patient and wait for the new update!
However if you find a quick fix for it, since its a common problem on this platform/version it would’nt hurt.

You’re welcome! The vast majority of fixes do have to go through testing and then the submission/approval process at Sony and Microsoft, so quick fixes are not a common thing on consoles. It poses an interesting challenge for games like this and other free-to-play titles from us on console, but we’re learning something new every day, and are taking away from it important lessons for future releases. Personally, from a support and player standpoint, it’s been incredibly educational and fascinating to see what the most common issues are that come up, and the rare gems (so to speak) you’ve all found. :smile:

Thank you for the reply. Now when this game is on the big consoles and pc, there is big opportunities to even make it better and greater than the versions on mobiles.

I am not complaining as it is, just saying.

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Any hopes of this being fixed anytime soon? I have had this task uncompleted on my list for days now :frowning:

Hi, it got fixed here, after the new update got released, last week. You should check if it works for you as well - if you havent.

I’m on xbox, isn’t working for me. :cry:

Ah, I see. :frowning: Im on PS4.

Both earn treasure maps and use treasure maps task now working for me in the PS4 version 1.07. In fact all the buggy tasks seem to be fixed for me (touch wood). With the exception of earn 200 souls…that one was weird.

Earn 200 souls weird because it says that it count souls form just about anywhere but it actualy only count souls from battle.

Thanks for the clarification, Dito :smile:

Your nick reminds me of a song called Dito - Sky. try to find it :wink:

Yes that is right. Even with armour that boosts still counts as 4 souls per battle. At least for me anyway.