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Recycling Treasure Maps

Hello! I know that treasure maps are important especially for new players. However, I was discussing with some guildmates and we were discussing what we could do with 300, 500 unused treasure maps…
I would like to suggest to create an option in the soul forge to, for example, use 100 maps to get 1 vault key, or another option to recycle these items.


Forum admins need to make a separate forum category for all ideas about Treasure Maps and Treasure Hunt.


Last time I checked (about 6 months ago) I had about 3,500 spare treasure maps lol. I’d be happy to swap them in increments of 10’s (up to a maximum of say 50), for additional rewards of 50%. i.e. one attempt at treasure game mode using x50 treasure maps then yields x25 rewards.

After last weeks treasure map event (yawn), I turn on the game yesterday and my first daily task is…… yep, you guessed it, use 5 treasure maps grrrrrr!!!