Suggestion: Use multiple treasure maps at once

Hi there,

I have lots of treasure maps that I will never use because it doesn’t worth the effort.

It would be nice if I could use like 100 treasure maps at once to get bigger rewards (like 50x rewards for instance).



This is about 50th suggestion with “multiple treasure maps at once” idea. Keep trying, folks.


And like all the others, you underestimate how many treasure maps people have.

Instead of asking for more rewards, you should be asking for better gameplay. Not that I asking for more rewards is wrong, it’s that there is a trend for the game developing that goes the other way, as you may have noticed.

Or give us the ability to use maps to craft something useful like writs, deeds or forge scrolls. I’m currently sitting on 6071 maps, what exactly are we supposed to use them for when treasure hunts are way too time consuming for the meager rewards they give.

Better idea … have multiple types maps, where you use them and it makes a single game harder based upon the map type … for instance a rare map could impose disease on the team that cannot be removed or immune to, but winning nets extra rewards