New Treasure Maps uses

New uses for Treasure Maps:

  1. Craft 100 Treasure Maps into a Gnome Vault Key
  2. Craft 100 Treasure Maps into a Dungeon Key which will unlock a Special Dungeon number 4 (which would be added to the Dungeon menu).
  3. Craft 100 Treasure Maps into a Treasure Tower Key which would unlock the Treasure Tower under the Game menu.

The Treasure Tower would use the Tower of Doom template with 5 rooms per level.
Each Floor would become harder just like the Tower of Doom.
The player must do the rooms in numerical order.
Lost of troops in one room will return for the next fight.
A loss in any room ends the Tower for the player.
Each floor will reward players with treasure designed for that floor.
Floor 1 can be the Gold floor
Floor 2 can be the Glory floor.
and so on.
Each floor can also award a unique Tower Troop found nowhere else for a total of 10 Tower Troops. (only the boss battle in the 5th room would award 1 copy of the troop).
Room 50 on floor 10 would be a boss fight and award a Tower troop as well as Pet Gnome Bait.
Each Floor requires a new Tower key to unlock.
@Saltypetra, @Kafka, @Cyrup

Great Ideas, especially #1 would be an easy implementation for the devs. Think #3 will be either not worth it time-wise or spit out way too many resources but is definately the most creative of the bunch.

I still argue for bundling maps in treasure hunt which will boost resources, making treasure hunt viable again would have the same effect as implementing a new game mode. And this is one so different from others it would be a shame to keep letting it rot in the grave.

I’d be happy for 1000 per key lol

I would love some way to exchange extra treasure maps for some other resource, or to use them as a crafting ingredient. Maybe use them for writs? Or just souls, like you can with extra troop cards? Burn them to heat my house? Give us something guys!

I love all three ideas! Especially the third, but also that is what requires the most development effort.

1000 Treasure Maps + 100,000 Souls = 1 Epic Vault Key? Deal!

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