I have a hot secret for the Treasure Gnome

Pssst, hey Cedric Sparklesack, I heard you and your band of gnomes love treasures. Did you know heroes across the land use treasure maps to hunt for loot?

It would be quite the profitable venture if you could… join their hunt.


To give further context, for people called Treasure Gnomes, you’d think they be more active in the mini game Treasure Hunt, which is one of my favourite mini games when I just want to relax while gaining resources.

Would be amazingly happy if I could somehow have more gnomes in my treasure hunts.


At least put vault keys in the treasure hunt vaults.


Yes, vault keys definitely need to be added to vaults. It would be a change that would convince everyone to do treasure maps again and actually give purpose to playing out the map correctly. In late game, the map meta due to how many most people have is to just spam it as quickly as possible on 4x speed. Rushing them as quickly as possible is more profitable than actually playing them out in the current state of the game.


As a heavy treasure hunter player myself I also agree with all above comments.
Maybe you can also give out random (lesser) orbs every 100 or 150 turns or so?