Suggestion: Match vaults in Treasure Hunt

We could use some event keys added to the rewards. Also, my guild would like some trophies as well.


@utfanx2 is this something you created? Im on PS4 and my treasure hunts definitely don’t look like this!

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PC/Mobile have their treasure hunt updated to last less turns, but give more resources. It also has some graphic changes and gives traitstones. PS4, and Xbox if it doesn’t have it, will have this kind of treasure map in the next major update.

Ah gotcha that makes sense. It looks really cool though! Ill be saving my treasure maps until that update!

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I just want vaults to give all rewards that are show next to them and not one of those possible rewards.

I don’t mind that they can’t be matched, but they should be moveable by swap or drop, IMO.

If vaults could be matched that would remove the inevitable junking up of the board, which is what causes the game to be a reasonable length (for most players).

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@killerman3333 Vaults can be dropped by matching away gems underneath them.

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i ment i wish vaults gave out rewards shown next to the icon not just one of those items.

Unless I’m mistaken, that only applies on the turn they are created.


Vaults can be dropped like any other treasure, but they are impossible to swap with.
So think of them like an anchor that can only move down via gravity over physical force.

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OK, thanks. Though it’s hard to arrange a drop anyway if they are on the second row from the bottom - I think it’s probably best to try and get them on the bottom from the start in any case…

hmmm it would be really cool if each gave the rewards next to it, a little gold, a little souls, a little glory,

i wish vault was special in the fact that it is underwhelming and could really benefit great plays with dropping everything.