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Make Treasure Hunt Great Again!

Is it just me or does adding diamonds into treasure hunt seem like a great way to get people interested in it again and also a great outlet for people to potentially obtain more diamonds than just what is available daily in the dungeons?

I would propose adding them into vaults (since most people just go for green chest for efficiency) and also making it the same way the rest of treasure hunt works, in that there is a chance that you would obtain diamonds from vaults (along with the other rewards currently, gold, souls, gem keys, etc).

Personally I think 10 diamonds (as a chance) would be nice to receive from vaults. For the few times you do receive them instead of gold or souls, it will feel like a big win. And to get vaults you need to play smarter and longer than just going for green chests. However, that number may be too high, so whatever it ends up being (5?), having them in there would be a great outlet for people to play treasure hunt again (especially end gamers), spend more time in the game, and give a possibility of obtaining more diamonds.

Plus, it’s called TREASURE HUNT! Why wouldn’t there be diamonds in there?



+1 to this.

I enjoy TH but can see no reason to spend time doing it.

I am a bit rubbish at it so it’d be good if crafting materials, including the diamonds, were available in lower quantities from the lower tier TH chests… pls…


I’ve already suggested two different treasure hunt games. One to stay as is but possibly add the number of maps as cost of entry to multiply rewards, to be decided by the devs. And the other would be for crafting resources only. This would be a great opportunity to get people using maps. The dungeon background would do. I’m sure it’d be really easy to add. Just keep the graphics but change the rewards.

I’ve seen the “multiple maps for increased rewards” suggestion 100 times. And while I think it’s also a great idea, I think the idea has been around long enough to know that the devs don’t care for it.

The issue I see with making Maps for crafting resources ONLY is it almost makes it a bit TOO easy to target those resources and then completely devalues dungeon mode. Why play your limited 3 dungeon battles per day when you have 800 maps that you can play an unlimited amount of and most likely get better rewards?

I (personally) like the idea of adding a few diamonds as a reward to the regular treasure maps. That way it invigorates treasure hunt, adds another outlet to get diamonds, and keeps the balance of the resource pool.

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Trump Wall supports this concept, bigly.


I agree whole-heartedly, Treasure Hunt needs to be updated without removing Gems from the drop tables!

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Diamonds in red chests or vaults? Vaults shouldn’t give souls or glory imo


Obligatory comment about needing diamonds to trickle into all facets of the economy before considering adding this currently time gated, hard bottlneck resource otherwise you are incenivising treasure hunt over all other modes, to the point of burnout, particularly for people that don’t inherently enjoy treasure hunt. In other words, if someone only needs past mythics to complete their collection and can only get them through crafting (while hyperbole, costs otherwise are exponentially higher and not realistic) and diamonds are only found above baseline quantities (~3 mins gameplay/day) in treasure hunt, then the only relevant mode for progressing said account is playing treasure hunt, repeatedly, and many people would grind it to the point of exhaustion whether or not they are enjoying themselves.

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It is mind numbingly boring. If I get the complete 5 maps daily tasks it has me cursing.

Thats my point. If diamonds were put in TH while not being available anywhere else (beyond the small fixed amounts handed out already), you’d be doing way more treasure hunts than you actually enjoyed (which would be zero, in this case) because that is now the only defined path to progress. You have the choice between either not participating (gameplay does not provide progress) or grinding something you don’t enjoy (gameplay does not provide personal enjoyment), which both lead to the same end result (frustration/boredom/burnout).

If you want to keep treasure hunt as a facet of the game something needs to be done with it to make it useful. I never play treasure hunt unless its a weekly event, and even then I will only get so many in (never enough to complete all the stages). I personally am not a big fan of it in large doses. If I could sell maps or the mini game itself was more valuable I might do them more often (do we really want to make a less than desireable mini game more a necessity though?), but as is, they are just accumulating and Im fairly certain I have like over 500 right now. So I guess remove it alltogether, revamp it to make it more “fun”, or allow people to sell the maps or at least auto-use them for set amounts of resources.

To say that making something mandatory that is not fun (treasure hunt) is purely a personal opinion. While I know the “not fun” opinion is shared by many on these forums, these forums are an extremely small sample of the overall player pool.

My wife, when she first started playing, ONLY liked Treasure Hunt. It’s more of a traditional “match 3” style game, without the complexity of adding the troops and what-not into it, but has it’s own unique twist with limited turns and the way the pieces can match each other before falling. Now as time went on she got into the actual “game” part of GoW and plays that as well, but she still enjoys treasure hunt.

This request isn’t necessarily about revamping treasure hunt, or changing it’s mechanics or making it appeal to a different niche of people (create a new mini game if that’s the case), but rather to make it USEFUL again. As it is, it’s really only a viable resource option for your first 50 or so levels of the game, and then it’s a waste of time (compared to other avenues of getting gold, souls, etc).

With diamonds available, in whatever quality it’s deemed appropriate, it makes it worth it for players of any level to play it again.

Thoughts, @Saltypatra? Is this a pipe dream or something that might actually be doable?

I think TH as is needs to remain as is. The dev’s have said on multiple accounts that the Weekly maps is one their largest sources of income from new players because TH is SO good for early game.

My request is this:
Give us an END GAME TH and I think now we have the perfect opportunity. You keep the same mechanic but change the rewards to crafting resources. And you gate with the exact mechanic that the community has suggested for so long. These TH require 10 maps for entry.

Right!? :thinking:

I think the issue with TMs nowadays is that they’re too easy to come by. Because you can now accumulate lots of them very quickly there’s basically limitless maps.

In turn, they can’t do the “use more maps” thing people want b/c the rewards would be far too good. The rewards are already pretty solid, especially for new players. If you could buff them by using bulk amounts then the rewards would be out of control. As it stands, the fact you can’t rip them more quickly or efficiently is the only thing holding them back from being crazy strong.

In theory they could make TMs the best thing in the game. But it really makes no sense given it doesn’t require using any troops so doesn’t support the core loop of the game. It’s got to always be a “fun side thing” for that reason.

You may have shards, ten at a time.

10 shards seems low. Unless they scale up from 10 green chest, 50 red chests, 1 diamond vaults or something like that. Remember, the way treasure maps works its always a chance that you’ll get that reward too, among the other things available in that level of prize.

However, I hadn’t thought of shards before. While I would love to see full diamonds, shards is definitely another option.

The problem with your proposal is the word “Again”


@Delinquent I’m not sure if you intended to reply to me directly, but if you were, let me be clear that I was not suggesting that the END GAME TH provide multiplied rewards, but rather for an entry of 10 maps changed all rewards to Crafting Resources at the standard single map amount. :wink:

It was a joke since they’ve been stingy lately.

Obiously I was speaking from my own “personal” perspective. I can’t speak for your wife or anyone else. You can’t discount opinions because you think treasure hunt just needs to be useful and not completey revamped. I was not attacking singling out anyone else in this thread so im not sure why you are singling mine out. If you disagree then just write your own thoughts and ideas about what needs changed in treasure hunt and leave me out of it.