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Crafting Materials in Treasure Hunt

One of my guild members had made this suggestion in chat and I thought it was a good idea, so I thought I would post it.

What about the idea of having crafting materials available to be gained from Treasure Hunt? They could either sometimes replace the random stone you get at every 15 moves (but maybe in a slightly higher amount than 1?), or perhaps they could be available through the chest system as well?

This would help people out with crafting, as well as give people something to do with all those Treasure Maps that they’ve been accumulating.


I dont think its a good idea, as Jewels is meant to be very rare as well as Maps is meant to be cheap. If they ever added so the new jewels could drop it do possibly come in PvP(Possibly Guild Wars) which is the most popular game mode. Maps is meant for newer player and has already great value for newer players with the resources it gives.

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Maybe just adding Shards and some of those colored Jewels wouldn’t be too much.
We need 1000 Shards to craft 10 Diamonds, so even if we would gain a number of shards equal to the number of moves/turns played in TH a beginner would probably obtain 25 ~ 60ish from each map maybe.

Players in guilds with a high level of the Green Statue would obtain +6 moves/turns at level 150 but still assuming that everyone would obtain nearly 50 Shards from each map it would still take 20+ Maps, and quite some time, just to farm 1000 Shards.

I also think the Colored Jewels (Ruby, Topaz, etc…) are mostly useful for beginners as they are useful to summon certain colored troops and craft weapons that are fine for the Hero earlier in the game. So adding it to more features, even Treasure Maps, would barely affect the endgame but improve the experience for beginners as they gather these rewources to use later.

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I was thinking something more along the lines of either : once every 15 moves, when you get a random traitstone it could possibly be 10 of one of the jewel types (maybe exclude diamonds though), instead of a traitstone. It could still possibly be a traitstone as well of course, just that we would have the possibility to get something else. That or : include small amounts of crafting materials (shards and/or small amounts of jewels), again excluding diamonds if that’s seen as too much, as possible rewards from the higher tier chests. Like maybe only red and higher, or even vault only.

This idea was proposed MONTHS before the crafting update was actually released, multiple times. The fact that’s its not in Treasure Hunt probably means the developers &/or publisher want to limit that aspect of the economy.

PS: I still think it’s a nice idea though.


Maybe they just want to be sure before making a move in this direction.
If we had shards on Treasure Hunt from the start, and if it would prove to be a bad design choice, from any perspective they have on the matter, it certainly would hurt their image/reputation to remove those resources turning Maps “useless” again.

I’ve addressed this before, so I’ll be brief. I’m not against putting Jewels or shards in Treasure Hunt in some capacity, but they need to be worked into other facets of the game at the same time. One side mode should not be the only way to obtain something you need for the game proper, especially if it is a hard bottleneck (ie, diamonds). Any incentive strong enough to pull me into treasure hunt when I don’t particularly like treasure hunt would decrease my enjoyment of the game, because I know I either have to play treasure hunt or leave rewards on the table. Any incentive strong enough to have me use enough maps to drive them into scarcity would mean Gems of War is basically “Treasure Hunt the game”.

Unless treasure maps start getting used for something else entirely and/or in much greater quantities, they will always continue to be “useless”.

Put a different way:

Would you still have any interest in playing Gems of War after doing that many treasure hunts broken up over any length of time when you don’t really enjoy them in the first place?

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That’s for sure, for the topic at hand, Treasure Hunt, i think shards and maybe non-diamond jewels, would be good enough for the more beginner/casual approach. As we saw a few times posted, the Dungeons can be challenging to new players and utterly disappointing for veterans/endgamers. Improving/scaling difficulty and rewards as well as balancing the casual minigames should be considered.

Reworked and new gamemodes/features can be vastly explored in this sense. In a “perfect Krystara” we should have more minigames, where at least one, could appeal to your taste and reward your time just as much TH can reward people that enjoy it.


Totally agree with you on that. Treasure Hunt shouldn’t be the only side game to get them. The game would definitely be extremely repetitive and feel like a chore if treasure hunt was their only other option to get crafting materials. It would be great if they could be introduced to all aspects of the game. And as Ivar has suggested as well, it would be great if there were a greater variety of mini games to choose from in order to use those maps, along with scaling difficulty for dungeons. And as you mentioned, it would be great if there were a way to use them in bulk. I know this idea has been discussed already at GREAT length on the forums and I think it’s a good idea as well. Maybe a future game type could require a new type of currency, one that could only be “bought” with maps?

Of course, to keep its point of existence, the dungeons should remain the primary and “best” way of getting crafting materials. :grin:

It would just be nice to have some other options.


Give treasure hunt chances of dropping the jewels.

Make them even in high amounts, let’s say 25 diamonds if found in Treasure Vault and 50 jewels. Reduced for lower quality boxes.

And make them capped, so you wouldn’t be able to get more than a certain amount per week (current amount from Dungeons.)

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I’ve seen you write about this before but I’ve always been too late :slight_smile: I agree but currently, there is only one side mode that they can be obtained - the Dungeon. There’s only two other viable side modes (since the Soul Forge is where you use them) and both have come up as suggestions to earn diamonds/shards, just not in the same initial thread (if I recall correctly). But even if they’re only added to one of those side modes, it’s still increasing the side modes that they can be obtained, thus kind of negating your argument.

Take glory and souls out of vaults and put diamonds in.

Different issue here. Since dungeons can only be done one time per day, there is no danger of overcentralizing gameplay, because you can only spend about 3 to 5 minutes a day there before being forced to move on. Were dungeons infinitely repeatable for tiny amounts of crafting materials and still the only place you could get them, this would be just as bad for the game for the same reasons.

This would be one way to solve that issue. I’d still rather them appear in literally any other game mode, but if I could spend 30 minutes per week treasure hunting and end up with 218 more diamonds I think this would probably be below the burnout threshold. However, since this would also significantly alter crafting paths without too much extra effort, I highly doubt it will happen.

What I was hoping for when crafting was announced was for a trickle-in of crafting resources as a result of basically any gameplay. But the hard-bottleneck looks like it is here to stay, since they have already monetized around it. I’m still holding out hope for other stuff to make its way into the crafting system, hopefully in a way that gives a consistent outlet to all the resources that dead end into endgame but is also accessible to everyone, just in different quantities.


That seems reasonable but it seems you’re now talking about two different issues and it’s not clear where they converge. Playing a side mode for a limited time versus putting diamonds/shards in other side modes. When talking about your objections to the latter, you haven’t mentioned the former as a reason before, just that they should be put in all (or more than one, which at this point is essentially all) side modes.

And if playing for “unlimited” quantities is a concern in the other side modes, then obviously the answer would be to limit the amount you can get. But the point is that they’re still available in those modes, however small amount you can earn.

While I like the idea of having crafting materials be possible to win on treasure maps, I do NOT like the idea of it replacing my stone every 15 turns. I get arcanes left and right, and the occasional celestial. Adding it to the tiers would be fine, but don’t touch my traitstones haha!!

I posted this exact same idea over a month ago :wink:

Would you still have any interest in playing Gems of War after doing that many matches vs meta teams broken up over any length of time when you don’t really enjoy them in the first place?

Just sayin’… :wink:

Right @Delinquent?

Not trying to derail.