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Updating Treasure Maps

I see constant requests to redo the map rewards.

I dont know if anyone has suggested this but surely a good & I’d imagine easy addition would be to throw some of the crafting currencies in the mix as rewards.

This doesn’t have to be huge numbers say for instance 5 diamonds for a vault, 2 for a red, 1 for a green - doesn’t even have to be guaranteed just one of the options.

I personally like doing treasure maps but find it completely pointless reward-wise.


I too like treasure maps.

Although id love them to somehow link the rewards to crafting, I can’t see them doing it. With the Soulforge/Dungeon everyone started on an equal footing. But too many players have thousands of maps saved, it would flood the economy, as it were.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love there to be something I could grind to help crafting (personally, maps would be beautiful) I just don’t know/can’t see how it could be implemented without heavily favouring those us with a hoard of maps.


bearing in mind you need 4000 diamonds to craft just 1 mythic if your picking up an average of 30 an hour from maps I cant see that would unbalance the economy significantly.

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Um… You do understand that those quantities proposed have the potential for a player to gather “huge numbers” on a resource that is purposely time gated.

I don’t think the request is wrong. Perhaps a few Shards (or colored Jewels). If done Shards would need to be added as a very small RNG reward to all activities. This has been written about repeated and extensive in the past so no need to rehash.


I would be happy if at least the gold was adjusted to be worthwhile. You get more gold for 1 pvp match, and it takes waaayy longer to do a treasure map. Rewards are just not worth the time right now even though the game mode is fun to play.

Personally I consider Treasure Maps/ Hunting to be tedious and an utter waste of time.

In the recent Events where it’s “Get 1 point per 10 turns” I just start Treasure Hunt, blitz through any available moves I can see until the count runs out, then repeat and repeat and repeat…

I’ve amassed so many Maps that I don’t even bother looking for 4/5 matches for extra turns or try to get brown/ green/ red chests, let alone trying to get the 60 turns Seals bonus, it’s simply grind away at it for an hour or two until I’ve completed the Event, then get on with actually playing the game.

There just isn’t enough reward/ bonus as far as I’m concerned to make it worthwhile Treasure Hunting at any other time.