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Treasure maps

Why not up date your treasure map vaults, to where you could have a chance to get , deeds, imperial deed, writs, forge scrolls, verses, pet gnome bait, vip keys, major blue orbs, orbs of power, and major orbs of clans, with the possible of getting one of these per vault.


This would probably be “unhealthy for the economy.”


You would get this only out of vaults, a lot of people cant get 1 vault, it would have people playing treasure maps, knowing that you can get something better than whats out there now, for me i have over 6000, the rewards just aren’t out there to play any of them

To get “a chance” at one of those great rewards, and to do so without completely wrecking the in-game economy, the developers would probably set the threshhold to something like 200 moves before you’re eligible to get one.

The player base – or at least the vocal sub-section of such that posts on these forums – would complain non-stop that they were posed an impossible threshhold and challenge. To which the developers would reply that it’s possible and they gave the players (some of) what they asked for.

And nobody would be happy.


They could do a Map plus event which you could play for free if you bought the campaign elite plus for $25. Others could play a limited number or for $5 or $10 play the whole weekend. So you would have a few chances as a free player but if you get your wallet out could get some great rewards :blush:. Everyone wins. The devs make some money and the elite plus get another incentive and we all get a shot at getting rid of some maps :joy:

Happy to forge 20 maps for 1 writ. :heart_eyes:

Wow. So you want people to pay, to play on a free game, why not make the rewards based on your vip level then, , the last time they had a map event was over 2 years ago. And the rewards have been rhe same since this game started. Im suggesting putting putting some life back in maps. Theses rewards were good for early gammers, but for late gammers maps are good to put you to sleep. How many late gammers even play maps anymore. As for the economy it takes longer to do a map than play a game, and how many players get a vault in every map, not me

Nope. I could care less about maps but if you want them to work on them then that cost money. If they can’t make money on it then why would they bother. I was not referring to maps but a maps plus or something like that. A lot of the things you want them to add to maps are the things they currently sell for real money. No way they are adding that unless there is some sort of payback involved. Why I suggested it be free to the $25 pass holders. That likely would get more to fork over the extra $15.

They made enough money off of me, all i suggested was not turn based system in treasure maps but vault based, this is the only part of the game that has not evolved, by the way, im level 12 vip, so you know how much money ive spent.

It’s a shame, I really enjoy the Treasure Maps. They’re a great twist on the usual game. But the rewards are not anywhere near worth it.

Problem is that a boost to actually useful rewards would just give the late-game players another avenue to build up a huge flood of resources without spending real money. I have eleven thousand currently useless maps.

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Or how about a trade in system, ive got 6000 maps,7 mil.souls, almost 2000 mystic ingots, and nothing to spend them on,

The rewards are actually quite substantial, especially for new players, problem is that they are locked behind what most consider a boring game mode. If Treasure Hunt ever gets reworked rewards will get significantly nerfed.

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Except the rewards really aren’t. Even the useful things come in such tiny quantities as to be a waste of time. For example, I just played 153 turns (way better than my usual). It took a long time. In that time I earned:

300 gold
116 souls
4 glory keys
2 gem keys
4 gems
7 minor traitstones
3 major traitstones
18 glory

Other than maaaaybe the traitstones, that’s a horrible return compared to the bunch of PVP / explore / other battles that could have been fought in that time. But worse, you also don’t get any resources that have been created in the past few years. Chaos shards? Ingots? Diamonds, jewels, shards, war coins, orbs, et cetera? Nope.

All the Treasure Hunt rewards accumulate faster in basically every single other game mode, plus you get tons of other stuff along with them. TH is a massive waste of time if you need resources, regardless of whether TH actually offers said resources. It sucks because TH is really fun. For me at least.


It’s been confirmed by @Saltypatra that there’s nothing new planned for maps.

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What? Can you link this? Last I heard they were planning a treasure map revamp, I thought they said end of this year but I could be wrong.

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They asked her in the latest dev stream.

Salty has been clear on streams that once there is any info they can share about a treasure map revamp, they will tell people.

They have talked about it but never said when or what. Salty joked once and said something like, “five years”, just to provide a joke timeline. My guess is they have talked about it, but are struggling to figure out what the revamp should be and how to handle the massive collection of maps many peoplr have.

Yet they love giving out more maps in redeem codes and campaigns :crazy_face:

I mean honestly, if they did a major rework of treasure map rewards: rip off the bandaid and reset everyone back to 0 maps.

I agree, this would fix the hoarding issue. High level players would still have an advantage, but only a small one.