Can we please rethink the treasure map rewards?


Here’s the thing: I can play three or four PvP matches in the time it takes me to play out one (1) treasure map, assuming I want to get a reasonable return for it. Now that we don’t risk gold to invade, plus we get glory for every win, plus a traitstone for many wins, plus key drops, the best possible return for a map still makes it a serious waste of time.

Either significantly (like 3x) increase the map payouts, or give us a way to sell back surplus maps (say 5 maps = 1 event key), or go back to dropping gems instead of maps on the cascades, and let players who want them purchase maps in the store.



If they could just remove gold/souls etc from the higher rewards it would be worth it. Maybe have each item only drop rewards of the 3 items below it. So vaults would only give one of the keys or gems. Red would give a key, gems or glory, etc.


Although it would be a nice change, I believe it may cause a balance issue.

I’ve played many games like this and the thing that usually causes a game’s death is over-catering to the high-level/paying players. When the gap between those players and new players becomes too great, the game stops getting new players, leading to a slow, painful death.


I think something along the lines of this sentiment would be best. The rewards are so watered down, you are never sure what you are going to get. I have had treasure maps where the rewards I got were well worth the time invested (it also doesn’t take me near as long as peeps keep complaining about to play a map). Then I have had others drop nothing but gold or souls from the top chests yielding a lower payout than equivalent time spent PvPing.

Making those rewards more predictable would be a lot better allowing for people to further focus their time and their treasure map run. Want souls, gold, and glory? Stick with one tier of chests. Want Keys / gems? Mash those together into higher tiers. It sort of works that way today, but the dilution of the top end loot table makes it unpredictable and frustrating.

Personally I would love to see this breakdown (or something near it):
Coins: gold
Sacks: gold and souls
Boxes: souls, glory, gold keys
Green chests: glory, gold keys, glory keys
Red Chests: glory, gems, glory keys
Vaults: gems, glory keys, gem keys



Treasure hunt maps are intended for players lower than level 100.


So anyone above level 100 is supposed to do what, let them just sit there?


Sure, but give options to those above level 100 to trade in their maps for something else.


That doesn’t mean they can’t be better for that demographic as well. More structured rewards make them better for everyone, the below 100 crowd included. In fact almost every suggestion I have seen would make the maps better for everyone. Newbies actually need reliable ways to get gems and keys more than we do (I just log in every hour or so to get mine). So making the maps more predictable helps them disproportionately to us (as it should). The rate that they have indicated the maps are used by the below 100 crowd indicates people like the game type despite it being not very effective at generating resources. As the resource gap vs time widens they stop playing them. Imagine how much it would be liked if it was effective and fun.



I’m not saying I don’t agree, and want to see change, I’m just saying it’s highly unlikely.


I think more likely is that we will see some other kind of mini-game that uses them.

Right now, I’d like to have a Dwarven Mine that drops only gold, traitstones, or gems. Same mini-game, swap the graphics, and let me have a shot at Arcane Traitstones.


As of this writing, my main hero on Steam has 642 unplayed maps.


I just give them to any kid that wants to play :slightly_smiling: Kids love matching, don’t matter that they don’t understand why xD That’s how I have a slight use of treasure maps :slightly_smiling:


If I could spend 25 maps at once, and get 20x the reward, that would make it worth the time.



Great idea actually. They could add an option to use more than one Map at a time, with the more Maps you “wager”, the better rewards you can receive.


like 3x reward for every 5 maps used.


+1 for the ability to use multiple maps simultaneously.
It’s something I’ve been wanting to see for a very long time:


Yep, that is the plan indeed, Sirrian said in another post that TH is very popular and played a lot by the 90% of game population that is under 100 lvl. And demand for maps is high too, driving sales of packs with them.

That all practically means TH will be left as is until the said figures change. Note that we had dozens of long topics on requests, ideas, evaluation, etc from the very first day TH entered the game. And not a bit changed. IMO more discussion is futile.


One of my proposals was to leave the mini-game untouched, but give players an option to sell/trade surplus maps in the store, perhaps some exchange for key(s). Let the devs decide a fair exchange rate. It’s silly to keep accumulating all these maps I will never play.


Even if they made it a special treasure hunt that you spent Map & gem to activate and have better rewards and traitstones, I would do that!


what about a bejeweled blitz kind of thing, where its a limited time instead of moves and you match trait stones to upgrade?