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Idea for all of those extra Treasure Maps

I’ve seen some ideas about deign ideas for extra treasure maps, but unsurprisingly, they’re all too good (e.g. using multiples to get double and triple rewards). I was thinking about adding a couple different types of Treasure Maps: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond (or whatever) that are craftable in the soulforge. The system of crafting is simple: 10x regular makes 1x Bronze, 10x Bronze makes 1x Silver, 10x SIlver makes 1x Gold, etc. The benefit is Bronze starts with +1 extra turn, Silver starts with +2, Gold starts with +3, etc.

This doesn’t automatically make them game breaking, but does give people an option not to sit around on 10s of thousands of maps for no reason.

This still wouldn’t give me any incentive to do my maps. An extra turn or so to do something that doesn’t benefit me very much doesn’t seem very useful. And if we’re not doing maps for much benefit, then we’re only doing them to get rid of them, which seems pointless to me.

I like the idea of combining maps for higher grade maps, but I don’t think the proposed benefit for doing so is worth my time, and I would still be sitting on my maps were this to become a feature.


Yeah maps would still be kind of useless to a lot of people. Unless if after each upgrade, the treasure got better maybe

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That’s something I thought of as well.

I think it could work essentially in the same way you can obtain higher chance of Mythics from higher grade chests. Basically, your rewards would become greater the higher quality map you expend.

Or perhaps the way guild chests work, where lower tier rewards are sequenced out of the reward pool the higher quality map you use? Say you use a bronze map, lower tier rewards like gold are removed; iron map, souls removed; gold map, glory removed; platinum maps, gold keys.

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A virtual fireplace. 1 map = 1 hour of cozy imaginary warmth.


Sacrifice 1000 maps for 3 extra turns on my next treasure hunt? What?

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Just have devs create a new Mythic troop which can only be crafted, and its recipe requires 5,000 maps. Problem solved.


Mapburner the mythic! Spell explodes a random color, and subtracts (current number of maps) from a random skill on all enemies, consuming all maps in the process. Third trait adds 1 to a random skill on all allies and gives 1 map when a 4+ match is made.


Cartogragopher or Cartograhog - Beast/Fey (The Traveling Map Gopher/Groundhog - who better to understand the layout of the land than someone who lives within it?). “No time to be scared of his shadow.”

Epic, 11 Brown/Purple Mana (Symbolize his groundhog/ shadow origin); Create 1 + (Mag) Brown gems, then transform brown gems to a random color, with 20% chance of creating a map, boosted by gems transformed (2:1 ratio).

Agile; Stealthy; Merchant or Magic/Stone Link
Uses Brown/Purple traitstones.

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:joy::joy::joy::joy: that a good one

Alternatively it could be a new craftable weapon, call it something like the Metal Detector – when it is equipped, a 10-match cascade will drop a vault key. Fair trade for 5,000 maps.

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I stand ready for this with my maps.

The issue with increasing rewards is that it throws off the current rewards system in the game. Keep in mind, each turn in the treasure hunt is actually worth 5-10 turns (depending on how many 4-5 matches you achieve / how good you are at treasure quests).

The rewards per minute are vastly superior if playing Treasure Hunt VERY fast and only making 25-35 moves per game. Careful play just increases your time played. That said Increasing the number of turns available would wreck a TH leaderboard IF there was one,

Yes, those two sentences of mine should have been separate paragraphs and weren’t meant to be connected, but replying to separate common comments.

That is why I was suggesting this: because it’s a system that could allow people to have more fun in a way that wouldn’t increase the rewards. Whereas most folks seem to be looking for more rewards.

Most players don’t feel incentivized, as they don’t feel that the time invested per map is worth their efforts.

RNG determining rewards is kinda trash, too.

Seemingly, these are the two major issues that most players have with TH.

Funny how I only play Treasure Hunt. :grinning:

I’ll take 2.


I’d just like to be able to “spend” a map in order to entice a treasure gnome to appear. Makes sense, a treasure map enticing a treasure gnome. Maybe something like 2x chance of gnome for x minutes or something like that (excluding vault events). Given that treasure gnomes would still only be 1:15 matches and mostly drop 100 souls or 2 minors, this wouldn’t break the economy either.


Perfect idea!