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Add Vault keys in Treasure Hunt?

Just an idea. Vault keys can be added to treasure vaults - only 1 per vault.


“Treasure hunt vaults will probably never hold vault keys, since Gnomes are a unique thing.”

Said during a recent developer stream.

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Thanks for info.

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For a while I was also pondering on whether vaults in treasure hunt should/could contain vault keys and ultimately settled on ‘no’. Vault key drop during gnome events is fairly okay.

However, treasure hunt could receive some other buffs, namely, better traitstones for every 15 moves made. For example, runic guaranteed for 45+ and arcane guaranteed for 75+. Feels kind of disappointing to manage 120+ game (it happens rarely) and get only minors (which most players have more than they need and can easily just explore if they don’t have enough).