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Cap on Treasure Maps per match?

I’ve done several matches with a Tyri Team that has gotten 8+ Maps but in the end my total only ever goes up by 5.

Anyone else notice this?


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It wouldn’t surprise me to discover that there was a cap on maps, just as there is for other resources.

5 maps is about 25 casts of Tyri’s spell. (Or 20, if you got a map via normal cascade.) - so this doesn’t seem like a very punishing threshold.

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Unless something was changed I believe they have the cap at 10 on the pc version.

I got 8 once but that was back in jan and i was using a weird setup wih acolyte and fortess gate it took forever…

It was changed. It was originally 5 before being doubled to 10, which took place after 1.0.9 was already out.

its 5 on xbox im 100% sure of this after multiple games i prolong on purpose using Tyri plus troops to compliment her skill and health to prevent ai wiping me. never more than 5. :slight_smile:

why people reply and refer to pc version in the console section on here is the real question :yum:

I was merely replying to Mufasha’s comment to inform them that it was capped at 5 when 1.0.9 hit, which is why it also applies to consoles.

Mr.Strange (a console dev) already confirmed the cap was 5, so any further discussion is more personal inquiry related to the topic rather than actual interest in an answer.

Because your Dev stated it “wouldn’t surprise” him and the economies between the two systems tend to be kept the same. Is this not true @Mr.Strange or @Nex?

Yes, by and large the console version is just an older build of the PC version. Mr. Strange’s team is porting the work of Sirrian’s team. There are a few minor differences (e.g., Tasks) but nothing major.

It’s difficult to check these sort of things - it would probably take a couple hours to do so. And although it would be nice to know for sure, it’s generally not worth putting off other work just to satisfy our curiosity.

It sounds like the cap is 5, and will be change to match the PC/mobile cap as we integrate.

I do like to have specific answers - and for anything that we specifically touched, I’m generally a good source of information. But we never thought about or touched treasure map limits, so it’s just ported from Sirran’s team. That’s complicated to keep track of, because they are always making changes, as are we.

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What is this team build you speak of! I must know! yes off topic but 5 maps is great and on what challanges if possible.

I commonly get 4+ a match with my team. It actually wins too.

Yasmine’s Chalice

replay 5 star challenges on normal

take advantage of Alchemist or Valkyrie for their gains and support dragon
farsight orb at top .
Use Tyri’s spell on her

i dont have it yet but she has stealth trait which will help alot obviously.
Flesh Golem can help as it prevents you getting hit by skulls also zombie as he does same by eating them. its not a certain 5 every game sometimes ai does its WTF moves and puts a spanner in out of nowhere, im working on making it my match everytime

Just to add more info to this subject it seems to cap the scrolls at 5 which are gained from Tyri’s spell and since i posted iv had a few games where iv earned scrolls also from cascades yesterday i finished a game with a total of 9 according to the summery at the end but still only 5 are given to play the treasure game.
sorry if this is gibberish its the best way i can explain and im not moaning or anything 5 is a result and half from 1 game im just stating the situation =P