Can you gain more than one map in pvp?

I tried playing a match with Tyri. I ended up getting a treasure map from a combo first. Then, I proceed to cast Tyri 20 times without getting a single map. It’s been so long, I don’t remember if you could get more than one gem per match before treasure maps replaced them.

There was never a cap on it, but there may have been one added to 1.0.9.

I can confirm getting more then 1 map durring a single PvP match. It was from cascades, not from Tyri, but I have got 2 TM multiple times in the past.

Yep I can confirm same, had three in one battle today with Tyri in team (two procs) and a lucky cascade…

I don’t use Tyri, but I have occasionally gotten as many as three maps from cascades in a single PvP match when playing with a control lineup. It’s how I’ve ended up with a surplus of 1000+ maps.

Thanks everyone. My house must be located on top a native burial ground, which would explain the upstairs door slamming itself shut. I am having a hard time deciding to keep Tyri or not; I currently replaced her with Brian to make the matches a bit faster:

Giant Spider
Green Seer
Hero - Crescendo (Necromancer)
Tyri/Brian the Lucky

(Resolved) I can report a bug with Crescendo. The text states it gains 2 magic. However, it only gains 1 magic.

It gains 2 magic, but damage is based on magic/2, so you only gain 1 damage.

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oh sh/t a level 1000 with maps? please teacher what team do you use.

Any control team with Tyri will do nicely… At my level, casting Tyri on green or purple gems instantly refills her…