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The treasure map cap is NOT 10 per match anymore! EDIT: Cap is 50!

I just did a treasure map grind and was able to abscond with 11 maps. I was at 12 and am now at 23. If the cap was 5 on console, then that just got blown out of the water and if it was 10 to match PC and IOS/Android, it ain’t that anymore either. Tyri is now officially my Gems of War bae ^~^


I believe it is 20 now Pony.

Interesting… maybe I’ll have to see if that’s true. If so, I can get a LOT of maps now… yes, I know I’m level 361 and still use them. I need the glory if there are troops I want to buy, don’t judge me.


Not exactly .
Shhhh before we get maps turns nerfed to just four turns.

Nopony find out what the max is. I’ll do that myself.

This is my starting amount before I test, for the record.

only 27?
Well now that folks are insisting on letting the pony out of the corral and skinning it besides be prepared for more than 27…as in wheres the bulk use option.

doh! thats your starting map count right?
Lets just say I got more than 27 maps in a single match.

I HAD 27 at the time of the test. I got 15 since, so that’s a total of 42. Mark my equine words I WILL find the new maximum.

Why did you stop at 15?
On map farming day I stop the match at 45 maps then I use them all and wait a week till map farming day again.

I just go until the enemy winds up dead. Has to happen at some point. And this time was 10, so I’m up to 52.



Farm till you get bored.
Choose a challenge where the enemy team has healers and gem generators.

Level 1 peasant
maxxed Templar
maxxed Tyri
maxxed Warhound

Your low attack peasant means the enemy does not die
Warhound lowers enemy attack to ZERO

Enemy healers keep healing the enemy so they do not die.

Like i said farm till boredom.

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18 this round… up to 70 now.

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Forest of thorns first challenge for map farming but like I said its boreing farming maps long duration.

You can reach 40 to 60 maps per match no problem but once peasant, tyri, warhound and templar hit a thousand armor thats when I quit map farming.

how do you guys find the motivation to do maps? i find it incredibly tedious.


And thats why I only do 45 maps per week.
Treasure hunt to me is boreing to point of I do my weekly 45 maps farming session then I do the 45 maps and I breath a sigh of relief and say glad thats over.

I hate map farming and I hate the maps minigame.

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It’s the primary source of glory, so there is a decent incentive.

For now. You’ll find eventually that your time if more effectively spent elsewhere. Glory used to be at a premium due to it being the only way to target specific Arcane traitstones (via rewards). When Explore mode comes to console, that will all change.


Youve received 60 maps from one match? How long did that match take?

Do you know what the limit is for maps in one match to save @PowerPlay some hardship?

This just seems silly. Treasure Hunt was buffed b/c people complained about having too many maps and it not being a good use of time, then they buff it but make them super easy to obtain. Makes no sense!

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Bingo. They increased demand a bit but then increased supply by several orders of magnitude. They’re actually worth less now than before the buff, IMO.

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