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[QoL Request made] Tyri raising cap on maximum Treasure maps by 100% (non-stackable)


Platform, device version and operating system:


Screenshot or image:

As seen above Tyri shows no reason to increase max maps.

As seen in the image above there is a max of 20 maps.

As seen in the image above without Tyri, the max is just 10.

Non-stackable as seen above.

Max shown is 20 and I collected 20 as shown above.

Effects boosts on troops as shown in the 2 images above.

Before and after numbers showing 20 maps gained in the image above.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

I expected nothing and yet Tyri doubled the max number of maps collectable.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Noticed today, easy repeatable.

Steps to make it happen again

Use Tyri on any team.


  • Tyri gives an unexplained 100% boost to maps.
  • Tested similar troops, none gave it.
  • Tested stackability, did not stack.
  • Checked for just visual, not just visual. Effects in game boosts and totals after.

Sorry if this is a bit long. It has been a while since I got to make one of these on the forum. Thank you progalisz for bringing it to my attention. :slight_smile:


Intended per here:


Thank you for finding and/or remembering this. I searched and searched and never had this pop up.

Honestly, this is frustrating though. A hidden ability shouldnt exist in the game. I am still leaving it because it should be removed or added as a trait just as a matter of good gaming practice.

If a mod/dev sees it and wants to move it to feedback I am ok with it. Maybe get something out of the hour and a half I spent working on it. :frowning:


Fortunately, nobody cares about treasure maps as a resource, so it only matters in those odd battles like the ones you showed.


It still makes one wonder which other troops might also have hidden abilities. Increased chance to encounter gnomes if a gnome is in your team? Increased chance for Deathmark to be lethal if an undead troop is around? Increased chance for miracle matches to drop in if a divine troop is around? King Silenius causes the AI to behave in a pretty unusual way, that could also be due to a hidden modifier.


Or who would you ask that could even give you an answer? Salty, Kafka, Cyrup wouldn’t know. Because they are hidden.

You made the mistake of assuming the text in a troop’s card describes what it does. Troops do what the devs say they do (after a player reports it) so the only way to get the “true” description is to meticulously try every new troop in every scenario and report every behavior you find.

Or use an IL disassembler to determine what the code does.

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In the end, Mongo is the most accurate troop ever = “something random happens” applies more often than you might think :wink:


Is there a troop that hands out extra ascension orbs as a hidden ability? Just checking…


Still one of the worst descriptions in the game.
The first time I saw that I genuinely wondered why anyone would risk having their own troops afflicted with every negative status effect, or having their eyes turned into cucumbers.

It’s really a joke troop, every player received one for free several years ago, back when their Mongo database used to cause all kind of random issues.


Oh so it’s cool to know the background!

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Now that’s a screenshot :rofl: :heart_eyes:


Tyri, our original treasure hunter :slight_smile:

I’ll ask if we can put Tyri’s hidden ability in the help text on her card, she’s a bit special.


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Yeah, “special”…
Next month’s questline:
Player’s team: “That treasure is so obviously poisoned, trapped and cursed there is no way any idiot would even try touching it!”
Tyri “Treasure?”[Dies]
New troop Zombie Tyri confirmed.