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Looking for a fun, competitive Tyri team

Tyri is my favorite Gems of War personality, which makes me sad to say I don’t have a reliable, winning endgame team using her and thus I never use her. :frowning: Does anyone have suggestions on how I can put this happy-go-lucky thief to use to win high-level PvP matches?

Astral Spirit

Use Tyri and Astral Spirit to manage the board and charge Gard?

It’s probably not quite as efficient as the normal Gard Team, but it gives you two options to deny opponent colors.

I tried quite a few “Gold/Treasure Map” teams with here, and none of them work.

I’ve used her to try and power up Arcane troops, with Giant Spider. It worked Ok, but Giant Spider, Green Seer worked so much more mindlessly.


Her spell is very situational and heavily depends on the opponent and starting board layout. I would not use her with Alchemist/GA but she is quite OK with added Hellcat trying to target purple asap. So, if you face some purple team, she can drag down their mana generation to give player more time to charge GA. Main drawback is that her spell is essentially a one-shot and you have to replace the board after casting. Therefore, using her to charge an exploder might work. I tried only Carnex and it was kind of meh, not very reliable.

Otherwise, she has quite high basic attack and I mostly used her on weeks when elves have some buffs with a skull-spamming team (KoS) for added board control.

Unfortunately, her gold output is quite low and she does not work well win Bonnie.

She was quite good with Bone Dragon before BD was nerfed.

I have legit used 4x Tyri. Hard to stop her controlling the board.

I mean, it’d take a while. What with having no damage. But it’d work.

@Lyya I shared your passion when I joined the game. It was swapped with Spider Queen afterwards, but that one is outshined by Nyx.

Anyway, I’ll make sure to find a nice team for Tyri, because I’m sure I had one… But I am not sure how it went, now :woman_shrugging:

EDIT: Got it!
If you are not looking for a fast team to farm trophies per hour - I think I used:
Stonehammer / Tyri / Lil Johny / Courage (Dark Elven banner).
You can technically push other skull users up front. I just felt like finding a use for Stonehammer, and this worked (surprisingly :smile:). It also farms maps - which I believe will be unique among those thousands you already have :smirk:


Funny i thought it was mercy


http://gowdb.com/teams/6271,6084,6276,6274?banner=3025&name=Bonnie courtesy of tacet

Mercy’s my favorite troop (I am fond of her art and her spell is so useful), but she doesn’t have any personality at all, really – even her intro blurb was quite generic. Tyri’s my favorite archetype, though – the spunky thief who couldn’t care less about, really, anything, than making a quick buck. I adore that little elf.


Might not be what you are looking for, but in accordance with the current meta:

Tyri fills with one green surge (also one purple match 4 surge, currently) can take brown, red, or yellow to set up into troll directly or indirectly, or just set up into a good valk cast to fill both troll and Euri. Troll is “safe” to cast at 10 gems, and 12 will fill both green troops usually, and either valk or Tyri, or both can be used to get the requisite gems on the board. Cascades will fill somebody as you are filling Euri. You can often start on turn two and get the three Euri casts you need to win most games on three consecutive turns. Requires too many steps to brute force freeze, but in a pinch you can also get rid of green or purple to deny those wisps and/or trolls and just use valk to set up Euri. Tyri can often set up into an extra turn if you examine the board for long enough, or just randomly because cascades.


I see a lot of people using Forest Troll/Dark Troll +3 Krakens…potentially, you could use Forest Troll + 2 Krakens + Tyri. Just a thought

I’ve been away a while, but I used to use Tyri quite a bit. I’d put her top, and just avoid green/purple matches. So it wasn’t so much “use Tyri” as “Tyri is a great way to make use of any accidental purple/green mana, which I otherwise don’t need on my team.”


Nice to see you @Mr.Strange

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Now that you’re no longer a developer, you should feel free to share your thoughts on 3.1! :wink:

Hi @Mr.Strange!

And thanks everyone for the ideas. Gonna break her out of stealth for an afternoon.

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