Tutorial forces me to spent resources on troops I don't want (Switch)

Like the title says:
The tutorial forces me to spent resources. This would not be a big deal but:

  • I had to upgrade a troop to level 15 I didn’t want to. I had other troops I really liked to upgrade but I had to spend it on the one the tutor told me.
  • I had to unlock a trait to a troop I didn’t want to. WTF! Traitstones are rare (for beginners at least). I would have loved to unlock a trait on a troop I play!

This way I had to spent 1200 souls (roundabout) and nearly all of my painfully collected traitstones on troops I didn’t play. If this goes on and on it takes no time and the game will take away my gems for nothing.
Which sense does it make that the tutorial does not let me decide by myself where to spend my money/resources on?
I’m VIP 5 in 3 days because I know I like the game (played Puzzle Quest hundreds of hours) and just wanted to have the boost and save time.
And now this…
Yes - I’m angry and I should calm down. But I put money in the game and the benefit is cut down to half by the tutorial. How can this be true? (I’m seriously thinking of if it’s allowed at all tbo - but I don’t want to stress this.)
For beginners it’s an tremendous amount of resources spend for nothing but the tutor. I paid my money to save time and not to pay a tutor.

Is there a way to stop this?
(I don’t want to get my gems cut to half in the future because of this!)

And don’t try to do something ‘clever’ like restarting the game at points like that, it’s a good way to corrupt your profile. Then a you can’t login until a dev manually fixes your profile.

I’ll check the options if it’s possible to turn off the tutor as soon as I’m at home.

I’ll have to explore the game by myself (which is pretty annoying - the tutor is helpful sometimes) but when this guy begins to steal my gems (and he will - I’m pretty shure) then most probably I’ll throw my TV out of the window!

My thread has a lot of salt - I know this. But - really: It’s like stealing money out of my pocket. I feel so at last. And I didn’t ask for a refund while I’m also feeling this should come. This is clearly a bug for me that cost my money. Maybe only with the Switch version of the game?
And if this is wanted behavior of the tutor: I’ll never spend one more penny in the game!

The question if there’s a way to stop this guy is absolutely meant serious!

Sorry to be the bad news bear, but it’s Friday Evening here in Aus Land, so you probably won’t get an official response (from a Dev) until Monday at the earliest :slightly_frowning_face:.

I’ve been meaning to request a banner up the top of the site when Devs aren’t around.

It seems that I’m the only one running in this problems so I can think it’s a Switch specific bug (assuming there are not much Switch users to the day). But tbo I think it’s intended (which would be a sad thing).

I didn’t aim for an official response in first place. I can’t tell about the devs here because of my short time I’m in the game, but I made “subpar” experiences in the past with UBI and the devs of Duelyst so I don’t have high hopes. It’s all about business these days.
As a customer you can’t do anything if it’s intended. If it’s a bug and I found it there might be a chance… I don’t know.

It’s really about shutting up the tutor before I’m getting really angry. And I have hopes it’s possible in the game options. I was hoping someone of the community knows about it.

In the meantime I’ll try to have fun with the game. As far as I can see it’s great. Most probably a bit grindy but all CCGs are, right? :wink:

This is one of my least favorite things tutorials do. It should never be done, but when people break that rule I’m the least mad if the game:

  • Gives you the resources to do the thing for free as part of the tutorial.
  • Reverses the change after it’s made so I can decide if I really wanted that troop upgraded.
  • The thing being upgraded is so powerful it pays for itself immediately.

I think it’s really easy to get in the game design mentality and think, “Players will get these souls back through gameplay so it’s not a significant cost”, but I think it’s also important to realize players aren’t thinking like game designers. The player mindset here is:

Wow. I worked hard to get these rewards and the game made me spend them. This troop I leveled up isn’t even a particularly powerful one.

A good counter-point is I think a new player is still impressed by whatever common troop the game makes you level up. They aren’t “GoW smart” yet. I still think nothing kills my boner like the game forcing me to make moves before I’ve learned which moves are good.

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I would not say a word if the game let me decide which card to upgrade but I have to do it at this moment. This would not be fine (and different from what you say and I totally agree with you) but kind of OK.
(Sorry for my English at this point - I’m no native speaker.)

I was pushed double-hard (psychologically) because I spent money:
It’s kind of an intelligent tutorial that waits until you have the resources. Me, paying money, had all the resources kind of instantly (many of them).
I don’t want to say it’s making it better or worse the one way or the other.

Loot boxes are on focus in the European Union (devs have to say what’s in a box (rarity for example) and at which rate). There are rules for it and they’re getting harder in the future. But I’ve never seen a game taking away what’s been paid before with no chance to stop. Once the tutor starts his “action” it’s too late. It’s a one way with no turning back.

Oh dang that’s even worse. I didn’t even think about how you could spend money to get those resources in the first place.

There aren’t many tutorials once u have played for awhile.
Maybe the troop is going to be useful later on.
Realize you will need over 10 fully traited and levelled up troops just to get past kingdom level 7.
I don’t disagree you should be able to choose if it aids the tutorial.
The $ thing does suck.
Fun fact (just as a funny story)… I didn’t know a thing about hero class or try levelling or using them for almost two months of play. I had to play catch up.
It takes a bit but once the ball is rolling you accumulate resources pretty handily here. It gets better.

Yep. To some degree I know games like this. I’ve plaed CCGs before and it’s comparable.
The day will come and what I call “rare” today I will call “garbage” tomorrow.

What’s bad behaviour is not having the choice. I had some luck with card draw (sorry - I come straight from Duelyst and this was a CCG so I have the vocabulary…) and it would have been nice to push other cards. Just… having the choice what to do with my money.

That’s it essentially. And not knowing what the tutor takes next…

I actually feel really bad for you in this situation, since it was made worse by the fact that you had spent money on those resources immediately beforehand.

Other people have complained about the tutorial taking resources from them:

(I think there was another thread, but I couldn’t find it…).

There has been a response to this, and I actually hope you get reimbursed for this, since the intended fix hasn’t come out yet:

I know from playing the tutorial a couple of times with new characters that after a short while, Luther makes you spend as many Souls as possible upgrading one of your Troops (usually Goblin). When I figured this out, I started spending all of my Souls on the Troops I actually wanted to upgrade, so that I only had to upgrade Goblin 1 or 2 levels (10-25 Souls). I totally get the Traitstone part, too. I don’t think you have to use Gems, though.

To answer some questions from before, I don’t think you can turn this off, and I’m pretty sure it’s on all platforms.

This isn’t a Switch specific “bug” this is a feature. I was able to upgrade troops before without this tutorial and now I was just forced to upgrade something costing gold, and a troops trait. I don’t primarily use Humans so that card is useless to me but now I feel compelled to build a team to make it useful…lol. Never had issues like this on PS4 but all this started happening when I lost that account (wasn’t my PS4) and started on Steam (PC).

Hey I’m so sorry for the late reply, we had an unexpected number of support requests while quite a few people were away at a professional industry convention, followed by a bunch of Australian public holidays so our response times are delayed compared to usual!

This is a “feature” however, we are reviewing our whole first time user experience and this is one of the things we’ve brought up with the team so that when this is updated hopefully we can give free resources for these tutorials.

I’ll move this thread to the feedback section so you can continue discussing it if you’d like to.