Lvl 56 having a rough time after patch

I’m a fairly new player, obviously at lvl 56, and the new patch has me pretty frustrated. All of the enemies I’m facing in quests have quite a number of traits and I, of course, don’t have any. If I had a bunch of resources saved up, I could open hundreds of chests to get the traitstones needed to upgrade my troops. However, not knowing this massive change to the game was coming I don’t.

I’m losing at least five out of six quest battles where I used to lose maybe 1 in five or even less. If I had started playing this week, I likely would have amassed some traitstones during the course of my journey to lvl 56.

Not sure I have it in me to try to farm for traitstones (considering how often I’m losing) looking at the 1.08 traitstone drop rate from an earlier forum post.

TLDR; Starting the patch at lvl 56 when enemies get traits at 50 puts me in a big ability/power slump due to not having traits.

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I’m level 92 and feeling the same. But … they are working on it. The devs made changes almost immediately after comments I made and others concurred last night. It will get better. Hope that helps a bit.

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I would like to suggest that troops in story mode and challenges don’t have traits. Or at the very least in just story mode.


Yep! Just wanted to share my experience as I know the devs are listening. Thanks for your encouragement.

I would really like to continue to play but the reward vs. punishment ratio is too skewed to the negative, at the moment, for my enjoyment. I will keep an eye on the forums and check back into the game in a few days.

I agree. Story mode seems like the worst place to put them. They’re late-game content.


I did one arena last night and the four troops I went up against did not have any traits. Maybe the system should see if your team of troops has or does not have traits and set the opponents accordingly.

I was in a story quest facing a team of 4 copies of the same troop. I think it was some kind of beast and they all had a trait that gave all friendly beasts +2 health… boom +8 health everywhere. Thats kinda hard to plow through when your hero is level 15 and has 4 attack and the rest of your team is lvl 5 rares…

But that was just after the patch landed… later I didnt run into any traits, so the devs must have really nerfed it… at least for the lower levels like me.

My personal suggestion for the devs.

Level 50 unlocks one trait per common/rare in story mode.
Level 75 unlocks one trait per ultra rare/epic, and two traits per common/rare in story mode.
Level 100 unlocks one trait per legendary, unlocks two traits per ultra rare/epic, and three traits per common/rare in story mode.
And it stops at that. (Except for the optional quest in Khaziel, where the legendary can unlock all 3 traits.)

Challenges could take another approach.
Difficulty 2Stars unlocks one trait per common/rare.
Difficulty 3Stars unlocks one trait per ultra rare/epic, and two traits per common/rare.
Difficulty 4Stars unlocks one trait per legendary, unlocks two traits per ultra rare/epic, and three traits per common/rare.

I think it’d make it less unexpected and terrifying if it slowly grew in traits.


Nice ideas. I actually think it should be kept even easier and keep traits out of Quest mode so it’s most accessible for newer players.

Challenges I feel need far better rewards - in general and certainly if traits start making them harder for newer players.

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You should get trait stones in addition to souls for completing challenges.

I’d be okay with challenges having all traits (Common-Legendary) in Mastered if it was offering 2x chance of Trait stones upon victory.

Even if they raised the amount of souls offered with no chance for late-game people to replay them I’d be fine with it, so long as there was some reason to play Mastered challenges. (Maybe slightly better chance of particular stones depending on the toughness of the challenge? Like the ones with Legends.)


Skewed towards Arcane Traitstone of Red/Yellow when vsing Moloch challenge, for instance. That’d be excellent. At the moment we have luck of the draw, or buy the 400 Glory pack that has two, or wait for that pack to have the ones you need. Its not good enough when Epics/Legendaries need so many of the things.