Traits messed up the early game/challenges

Well let me know when you debuff the challenges and quests since now it’s impossible to beat anything unless by pure luck if you have no cards with traits. Having halfway through a fortress I cant attack as fast as they heal themselves or buff themselves.

A couple of questions:

What level are you?
What difficulty are you playing on?

27 Level

I’m battling with
Level 8 Gloom Leaf
Level 3 Goblin Shaman
Level 4 Ice Witch
Level 5 Treant

Just tried to battle 4 night striders and all of them with fully unlocked traits last 3 tries ended with me halfing the damage of only 1 and the rest having 30+ health.

I can get a screenshot?

Are you fighting a challenge or a quest?

Perhaps the quests / early challenge opponents shouldn’t have so many traits unlocked or that will (I guess) make things v hard for newer players, which is both bad fun and bad business…

It’s not true that traits messed up the whole game (just made early things too hard?) so I’m just going to re-title your thread slightly…

Your complaint seems pretty valid as a new player - changes really shouldn’t be hitting hard so early and frustrating you just as you have the whole game to discover… Hope the devs will take note… @Sirrian @Nimhain?

Traits shouldn’t be appearing until a player reaches level 50. It’s why I’m trying to get information, so we can investigate what has happened.

It was a quest I by pure luck managed to beat it with only 2 health left and a buffed attack Gloom. I’m 4 kingdom in and in the middle quest for Karakoth.

I’m having the same issue.

Level 26, normal
Seen traits in quests in both Adana and Karakoth

Here’s a screenshot: