Only arenas for low level players?


I’m level 78.
Before the last patch I used to alternate some arenas, some quests, and some challenges.

I did the error to not complete all the quests before the patch. Now I can’t do them anymore, because I keep losing against troops with traits.
Even the challenges are too hard, now.

So, the game for me now is only about arenas. But I guess I will get bored soon, always doing the same thing.

Oh well, there are lots of different games to play, so it won’t be a big problem for me; but are you sure this was the right choice for your game?
Because it seems you patched the game just to kick out all the low level players.

Usually, without new players, every multiplayer videogame is doomed. Your choice is a very strange marketing tactic.


I do agree that a lot of the recent changes were done bearing high level players and endgame content in mind. I can only assume that the consequences for lower level and new players are an oversight that is going to be corrected. The devs should be well aware of these facts by now and will address this in the future (at least I hope so).


Try to give them some time. I think they really intended traits to be something great for players at all levels, but with the Quests going right to full traits before the lower level players get a chance to unlock any, it seems very unfair.

There’s a thread out there asking higher level players to set some easier defensive teams, so that players in your position get some options for now. So even players well past your level, realize we want you to have the fun we’ve had, and you’re screwed right now.

Hopefully, people keep providing feedback, and they figure out a way to help the mid-level players.


It was listed in the ‘known issues’ thread, at least to me that meant it will be fixed in near future, so just relax until then.


You’re right, it was listed in the Know Issue thread, but is listed as “Status:adjusted”.
It says: “it shouldn’t be as brutal now until you reach level 50”. So, being level 78, it seems I’m the perfect victim to be brutalized :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks to everyone who replied. I just wanted to point out the problem, hoping someone in the future will fix it.