Early issues with quests have angered a player


So was excited to see how the game play went after the new update. My character is limited to the point of being utterly ineffective. Enemies with full traits loaded and I don’t have any. Didn’t get anywhere near what is needed to upgrade to be even an even fight. And this was from playing the quests which used to be the easy part! The arena was where you ran the risk of losing. Now you can’t even get a start without an enemy being full of mana and ready to slam you to the floor. Two moves in and they get cascade after cascade of fours and skulls. The entire team now collects mana out of thin air it seems.

I will be deleting this game immediately.

Please remove my account from this forum.


I’m sorry to hear this.

We’re currently investigating reports that low level players are encountering enemy teams in quest and challenges with full traits earlier than they should be.


This is jumping the gun a little man. Anytime a patch this massive occurs there are bound to be growth pains, quitting within the first hour of it’s release is kind of…ridiculous. Not trying to be mean. Maybe I’m just old, wise and patient hehe.


Agree this is quite an over-reaction… the devs have a good record of responding to feedback and helping players out… hopefully you’re around long enough to see this and give it a chance… otherwise quitting within an hour seems, well, yes, a bit rash or even immature… sorry…

Your feedback could be helping keep the game honest and fair to newer players…

And I have changed the thread title to reflect these early issues, rather than your initial angry response… you rightly raise issues that should be fixed - as a high level player I can’t see if this is fair or not - but you aren’t the only one raising it…


Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

You guys are absolutely right. I through a big 5 year temper tantrum and I am so sorry if I insulted anyone. It is obvious from reading the posts in these forums that the developers do listen and do their very best to address every issue raised by us the players.

Please allow me to offer an explanation. Some of this is personal and has absolutely nothing to do with the game or the update.

I got a hysterical call from one of my two daughters near the end of my day at work screaming that something had happened to the seven rabbits that are their pets. I rushed home to a bloodbath on our porch because a dog had gotten into the rabbit pen and killed all of the rabbits. My girls came home from school to find this. I am not a dog fan and the fact that some inattentive owner let their dog run loose and cause this much emotional pain and anguish to my little loves angered me to no end. I waited for the update to finish and thought playing what is my favourite game on my pc will help my mood. The play did not go well and my anger exploded and I took it out on the game.

I was immature and very hasty in my removal of the game and I fear I have lost all the work that I had accomplished because of deleting the game.

Again I apologize for my outburst. I do believe there are problems but you are correct in the fact that the game will get better with our input. Just have to comment without the anger.

I would like to keep playing and regret my actions. I will re-install the game and hope I haven’t thrown everything away.

Thank you to the commenters for calling me on my stupid actions.


Wow… really sorry to hear of your loss and anguish… and thanks for sharing… if you have any issues getting your game account back the devs can probably help…


I’m glad you arent quitting :slight_smile:


hey @collectorofgems, that’s a terrible thing to happen. I’m so sorry to hear that.

If you need help restoring your account, hit up our support team at https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new and we’ll help you out

Regarding the difficulty, we’ve been testing that. I took a level 27 character through some quests and while there were a few traits unlocked, I never saw more than 4 of the 12 possible traits active on enemy teams. Nevertheless we want Gems of War to make everybody’s day better, NEVER worse! So we might adjust that difficulty down a little bit while people are becoming accustomed to the new system.


I have nothing to add to the quest traits, but I want to say how sorry I am about your rabbits and I hope the dog owner’s karma will take care of him. I can’t believe anyone would let something like that happens, and I hope your daughters will get over the trauma of the experience. Sorry if this not what the thread is about, I just wanted to show my support, but feel free to delete my post if it’s considered as derailing. I hope you and your daughters will be ok, Collector.


Thank you everyone for understanding. It means a lot.

I re-installed the game on my pc and had no issues. My account is intact with my gold, deck and status just as I left them.

The quest that sent me down this mistaken path was in Pan’s Vale. I don’t remember the enemies themselves but 3 out of 4 had all three traits activated and the fourth had 2. Didn’t stand a chance.


oh by the way my character is level 92 and the team I used with my hero are all level 15.


Ouch. Sorry to hear about that. Glad you’ve reconsidered.

Obviously the devs do not want lower-leveled people having to face off against maxed-out enemies in quests…


I finished the Pan’s Vale kingdom quests before doing an arena battle. The game play was much more even. You must play strategically or the advantage can swing the other way. Much better than earlier. Thanks.

ps. I commented about the arena battle in “Know issues of 1.08” posting.


your account is saved to your pc so reinstalling the game should let you get your progress back


I’m pretty sure this isn’t true since if you logged in from your mobile device, your account would get out of sync. I think it’s stored on the “I2 servers” since the devs can get fix account problems.


I know this isn’t to do with the topic; but did you find out who owned the dog? If so, the owner should reimburse you for your lost pets; and tbh, shouldn’t be having a dog if they can’t keep him/her on a leash or in control. I hope if you consider getting new rabbits for your daughters that you consider going to a rescue centre as there are plenty of rabbits looking for loving homes.


@ruzin thanks for your comment. Both my wife and I were at work when it happened so there is no way to know who’s dog it was. And the girls have decided no more pets for a while. The rescue centre is where we got the original two rabbits we started with but as bunnies do … they multiplied.


Did the rescue centre not spay/neuter them before you adopted them? If not they should’ve. Very irresponsible of them. But at least you got them from there in the first place - so many animals needing homes. Either way, let’s hope it was a quick end for them and they are now at rainbow bridge (if your daughters have not heard of this poem I suggest you show them as it can help comfort them); and it’s unfortunate but that’s what dogs do when untrained. They are predatory animals after all. :\

If you know anyone in the neighbourhood that has a dog - and if there was any dog fur left behind at the scene you may be able to determine who’se dog did it.


I searched but no sign of anything but dog tracks in the snow.

Anyway back to the topic. Just finished Maugrim Woods and played one arena battle. The game play seems to be back to the way it was before the update. Challenging if you aren’t paying attention to the way the gems fall and no apparent luck on the side of the AI with cascades and traits superpowering them.

The devs are taking care of us. Thanks.


I think this is a good idea. A big part of the issue is that no one (except perhaps really old players with thousands of chests) has enough traitstones to make more than a few traits just yet, so it feels odd to have zero or one Trait across your whole team against a team with 8 or 10. Especially in quests where you go for an easier fight than PvP or Arena.