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[KNOWN ISSUE] Enemy start (this is getting riddiculous....)

Platform, device version and operating system:
PS5 but reckon it’s the same for all as this is a GAME issue.

Screenshot or image:
Screenshot or image? I’ll do you one better:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
It’s blatantly obvious what is supposed to happen, or rather, what isn’t. First turn is always the players.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I have several more clips of this but first time it actually affected a Valraven.

Steps to make it happen again
Maybe not cry about GaP hurting the “economy” and actually fix shit that affects the players, not just your pockets. This has been an issue for weeks if not months. This is NOT new. IIRC this was introduced with these new orb-creators (whatever they’re called).

Now this doesn’t cost me money, but might someone else. This “only” costs me my time (or funnily enough, reduces my time playing cause I’m not getting more sigils this time). I’m baffled how long this issue has been a thing and not fixed yet. Also, the double skull damage was something that also wasn’t fixed for a long time when that happened. This shows your lack of care for the game when bugs, again, affects the player negatively.

I won’t rant long, just got the perfect example among the several clips I’ve saved just so that I can show people what’s wrong and for how long it’s been a thing. I also know there probably are more reports but it doesn’t seem to do much I guess?


9th week, and no fix, don’t expect it to be fixed ever!

I’m thinking at this rate, it’ll simply “go away” when this World Event is over and they’ll call it a day.

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I would put ticket in and ask for my sigils back.

For me it’s more bother than worth knowing they probably won’t do shit about it…

I’ll bet $100 they have no idea how to fix it. Since 4.7 we have had the backup team maintaining the game. I’ve been playing video games since Pong and have never seen a group more full of failure.

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Hey all!

We are aware the AI first turn/Potion Skull issue is still ongoing, as we are awaiting this fix to come back from QA before we give the official go.

In case anyone missed it, @Kafka posted an updated in one of the other threads in regards to this issue, and why is this is taking some time to resolve.

We understand this is a frustrating issue & has been ongoing for some time.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


Wouldn’t the issue be fixed if flasks couldn’t drop until the player made an actual move?

Maybe it’s more complicated than that but what I absolutely can’t understand is why you do t simply turn off heroic gems that result in such issues as these.

I get that potions are the main gimmick of the campaign but we’ve got all the potion troops to fill that role. And nobody cares that much about the lore that they’d rather have a broken game with a lore gem active.

What they say: “we have to get the fix back from QA first to make sure it’s actually fixed”

What they mean: “we have to hire some QA first, so they can evaluate it…”

Yup, still the age old question of what the Beta testers are doing? This should have been test during the beta testing phase. If the Beta tester doesnt have access to such a feature, why even have them?

I get that you have finite amounts of updates to push for consoles so that can hinder it, but this should’ve been tested during BETA. Heck, there’s not even a need for testing as it happens so frequently. Just make sure you have a Tier 2 of any event so you get the explosions and watch the enemy at the very least TRY to match something. Often times it’s like a ghost-movement that never clicks but you can see them trying. Sometimes they succeed and fill a little and sometimes they actually cast abilities (I’ve had Empowered enemies cast theirs during this phase as well).

This isn’t some obscure thing that someone randomly caught, this is VERY noticeable even for people just doing their daily tasks (I’m such a person most of the time).

Now you could say “but we had a schedule” or whatever, but if this was noted, which I believe it was cause you’d have to be blind not to, the event should have been postponed. Just chuck a random weekend thing in there. Nobody will mind. In fact, I think I can speak for most people here that IF you decide to postpone something and post about it saying that you found an issue and wanna make sure it works correctly before release, you’d actually be more respected and most would understand.

I guess this event can serve as a reminder in the future if you do decide to postpone shitty updates to make sure you got the bugs covered at least. Regardless of how it’s going, you decided to release this at the time and it’s entirely on you (speaking broadly about the company, not specifically you). There’s no recovering from this one really in terms of “oh noes sometimes bugs happen” seeing how it was handled. Not even gonna get into the previous bug of double skull damage.

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I’m just glad they were able to get out a speedy fix for GAP…

What they really mean is “We have dropped the fix next to the bricked-up door labeled “QA” in the basement. Not sure why we haven’t heard anything back yet, they are probably just being extra thorough.” :smiling_imp:

Word has it that it was tested and found during beta, they just preferred to push it out in the current state instead of spending the effort required to fix it in time.

Beta testing is not QA. Beta testing should be used to evaluate balance and find truly rare edge-case combos. They are volunteers from the community who can objectively evaluate changes from a player’s perspective.

QA are paid professionals who proofread, make sure proper procedures are followed for automated tests, and make sure game-breaking bugs do not make it into a release. There has been no evidence of competent QA for years. For QA to do their jobs, there has to be a deployment process in place that involves actual testing. We would NEVER see day-1 gamebreaking bugs like faction maps or troops with no images, or traits that cause an immediate crash, or potions that give the opponent double-extra first-turn.

It’s a real shame, because it turns away new players, and pisses off veterans, and they are easily preventable.


If that is indeed true, then all the more reason they get shit for it. Only IF that is true tho. I won’t take a side until it’s confirmed either way I guess.

As one of the two beta testers having dealt with that, I can in fact confirm the following:

  • this was found on beta about 12 hours to release, on a Sunday - leaving no time to react in time (mind that reset / release was midnight AUS time)
  • I personally was not able to reproduce that precise problem within a 4 hours testing session
  • I could only reproduce the enemy attempt to make a move, which then stops in before it happens.
  • Both was reported and picked up by devs subsequently

I am generally not allowed to make statements about the upcoming version, but Kafka mentioned this to be fixed in 5.7.
I can only guess that rolling out 5.7 is currently not an easy task, and I can only speculate about the difficulty of backporting this fix.

Cheers, Gary.

p.s. I don’t think the discussion here adds much value to the actual bug report anymore. Yes everyone is angry - which is quite relatable - but let’s not smash each other’s heads in over that. I’d rather smash some heads during guild wars :wink:
p.p.s. yes it’s still happening, and this is another example of me having made not a single turn yet:


Interesting that the storm counter is at 6. That’s a clear indicator that the turns passed between players. Unless I just learned something new regarding start of battle storms.

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