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[Reported] Potion gems can grant first turn to AI

The new Mods won’t necessarily embrace the TGIF/dodge/“our hands are tied” approach that has been recurrently documented by former/outgoing mods.

So even if the company’s priorities remain the same (monetisation>…>programming quality & playerbase satisfaction), a duly skilled honest communicator (like Nimhain and Sirrian back in the day?) may still improve things nonetheless…

… here’s to hoping that Jeto and Ominous don’t adopt old (demonstratedly counterproductive) approaches.
:sweat_smile: :crossed_fingers: :vulcan_salute:

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A simple fix they could have chosen to do server-side would have been to remove potion gems entirely, the way they don’t permit certain other gem types to drop. But they probably don’t wish to do that because potion gems are allegedly an integral part of the campaign. (Though the lore we’ve gotten doesn’t explain why.)

If the developers are trying to “fix” this by way of not having exploding potions and the after-effects give the first turn over to the AI? That almost certainly has to be done with a patch or a coding fix or something and that is something that has to go through testing with the various clients according to the regulations that said platforms have set down. Which frequently isn’t a quick fix, and does start to turn into an expensive one if there’s a need for multiple iterations of fixes because the first one didn’t do what it was supposed to or otherwise had “unintended consequences” to other areas of the game.

Not everything is a middle finger campaign to the player base. And if you feel it is, you’re much more likely to get the developer’s attention through not playing and not spending money than you are by blowing off steam on a message board somewhere.


I’ve seen bugs which were a though nut to crack. I admit we spent 6 weeks one time on a bugfix, at the and we had to rewrite the whole messaging between 10+ services.

They claimed that they have the fix after the first week, and after 6 week the issue is still here. If they would wanted to fix this they would have done already.

And if Sony or Microsoft or the oversights for PC and Mobile haven’t approved the patch for whatever reason? That’s not something that’s particularly in the control of I+2. The developers could have all the desire in the world to have the issue fixed, but they don’t have omnipotence or unilateral control here.

Wishing alone doesn’t make something happen.

Actually, the official response we got was that a fix will at earliest be part of the next major update, 5.7. So possibly in 4 weeks from now, or later in case they consider it low priority enough to push it even further.

Hi folks,

The reason Gman mentioned we have a “hopeful” fix for the next update version 5.7 is that we’re still awaiting the official response from QA that the fix is verified. We believe the issue is fixed in the next update but we don’t announce it absolutely is until we get that final verification.

The reason the fix cannot be released sooner is because it requires a client update - that means that we need to submit new game builds to all the platforms the game is on and then await those platforms approval - which we have no control over from that point.

When we can fix things on the server, we do so as that means we can get the fix out quickly, but this one requires a change in the game code so it has to go through the entire submission and approval process.

We are very sorry for the wait, we are doing everything we can and we know how frustrating this bug is. I’m also sorry for the delayed responses in this thread.


Remember folks, the beta testers told them about this issue before it went live.

But sincere apologies and all, inconvenience and all, we still released it because?


To provide some context, the bug was reported the night before the release and unable to be reproduced up to the release.

Hey Kafka,

Thanks for engaging with the community!

I think most of us understand you guys don’t entirely get to choose when to patch issues. What I think we’re actually wondering about is this though:

We’ve had two campaigns now where the implementation of the main gimmick has been buggy in rather serious ways. We’re still waiting for fixes for the remaining Lycanthropy bugs. 20 weeks and counting. Hearing you guys are sorry for the state of things is nice and all, but we want to know if you are genuinely going to do something to improve your process so you can catch AND fix these bugs earlier - ideally before hitting live servers. I don’t want to play campaign 3 (30 weeks and counting) with another bug that seriously spoils the main gimmick and ultimately my ability to enjoy the game.


Kafka I appreciate the response.

My man question would be… why would you all push this update out without properly testing first? Had your team done it’s due diligence… this could have been released without any bugs. But, since your team did not do it’s due diligence… now we have to suffer through bad game-play until major platform updates get approved. Seems you all did this backwards, and because of lack of proper planning and testing… your community has to suffer.


I would postulate that the mandate from 505 is to release new content, and made it the main priority - bar none. It seems that bugged new content is better than zero new content and it can be fixed afterwards. I fear that the bulk of their resources are directed to PQ.

Honestly, not the best attitude toward their cash cow.

@Saltypatra @Kafka @OminousGMan


What is your team actually doing to fix this? This is seriously not OK. It cannot take 6 weeks to get an update approved by a handful of companies. Please tell us, have you either stopped working on the fix or never started in the first place? I haven’t bought the campaign pass yet and most certainly will not until this is fixed. Even then I have to seriously think about if I want to continue funding this game any more after the last 2 campaigns.

I also don’t understand why you would make a design change that can’t be disabled server side. Just TURN OFF THE POTIONS ALREADY!


Did you read Kafka’s post above?

To summarize, he said they’re waiting on QA to give an official thumbs up that everything works the way it’s supposed to. Which suggests to me that it’s still in testing and they won’t move forward to the client update until it’s done – my recall about that as I’ve heard it from other publishers is that client updates are not free and that clients are much happier (and more likely to push things forward at a reasonable pace) if the fixes are done right the first time and it’s not an iterative process of submission and test run and rejection.

I get that a lot of us are very impatient and unhappy with the current state of affairs. But better that they take more time up front and get the fix right on the first attempt, because that’s a lot better than “fix / un-fix / re-fix”.

It sucks, but “get it right” has to take priority over “get it done right this second”.

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Perversely, ignoring the bug altogether seems to be a perfectly reasonable option from the devs’ perspective, given that (a) a fix requires a client update, (b) there will be no client updates until 5.7, (c) 5.7 won’t be released until the campaign is over, and (d) potion gems won’t be heroic gems after the campaign, so the bug will naturally go away.


I did read the post, and by your logic, this bug shouldn’t be in the game in the first place because they should have done it done right instead if right this second. I don’t understand how you can possibly defend anything they say at this point? There really is no excuse that this game breaking bug that costs us money (gems) is still in the game after almost 6 weeks.


thank you for getting back to us, what is planned by the devs team to avoid these stuffs from happening again?
(lycanthropy freeze bug on 2 campaigns before this, AI can move first bug on this campaign) which seems to always be present whenever there’s a new campaign.

surely you need some testing done way more often and early before it is deployed


They were told about the lycanthropy freeze bug in beta and did Jack about it. It wouldn’t surprise me if the same was said about this glitch.

Always funny how these two glitches take weeks or months before we’re told a patch is ‘nearly’ here and just needs 1000 approvals before they can release but the GAP glitch that caused players to gain more resources than was first anticipated was fixed in under a day. It very much feels like the dev team go “does it cost us money? No? Eh, leave it until after the campaign and it’ll disappear on its own, just tell people it’s a client update so will be there soon™.”

I’m going to defend the devs a bit here. If a bug costs the devs money in lost revenues (because players don’t need to buy as many gems, orbs, or whatever), then it makes fiscal sense to fix that quickly. If a bug isn’t costing the devs money because it works against the players, then the publisher (or whoever controls the spending) is a lot less likely to authorize dev time and an emergency patch.

It is much easier to put a price tag on diminished storefront/flash offer purchases than it is on damaged community goodwill or player exodus from the game. I feel sure someone in Infinity Plus Two or 505 Games has done both computations, and come to the harsh conclusion that most of us are too addicted to quit the game even over a pair of bugs as ridiculous as these last two heroic gems.


I just don’t understand how a match-3 game can be so glaringly and so regularly bugged. I play games far more complex and intricate than this and sure, they have bugs too, but not ones that regular players would notice. This game has a new bug every week and everyone can see it, and for some reason it takes months to fix every new bug.


Not “every” new bug NerdieBirdie … but only those in favor of the players are fixed immediately … Yes referring to Gnome-a-Palooza :wink:

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