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[Reported] Potion gems can grant first turn to AI

My team: Arboreal Crystal, The Scourge of Honor, Silenus, Leprechaun

The enemy’s team: Daily Dungeon → Dungeon of Ice
Ice Golem?, Valkyrie, Snow Guardian, Queen Mab

Entered the dungeon.
My Scourge most likely exploded a Mana Potion gem.
Gems were created and matched (passively).
My entire team ended up being frozen (Queen Mab trait).
First turn was handed over to the AI.

I’ve seen similar interactions before but didn’t write a bug report at the time, specifically:

When the enemy team has Lust and she explodes a Lycan gem upon entering battle, the Lycan status effect will be applied to HER OWN team rather than the player’s.

This doesn’t happen all the time, I guess it’s another timing issue in the code.

Aborted AI 'Ghost Moves'


AI making two active matches before first turn:


Gem explosion from trait procs before the battle starts. You should have gotten the first turn. Shouldn’t you? And if your troop exploded a gem and proc’ed a potion gem, all that mana is yours. If the opponent troop exploded a gem and proc’ed a potion gem, all that mana is their’s. It would be interesting to know if the potion gem exploded by defense team ended in an ET. In any case, it always used to give first turn to us.

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My guess is:

My Scourge explodes a Mana Potion → the explosion’s origin is falsely attributed to the enemy team → their Queen Mab procs her trait → I’m still credited as having made the matches from the Mana Potion’s created gems, but now I’m frozen → first turn is handed over to the AI

Similarly for the Lust case:

Their Lust is exploding a Lycan gem → the explosion’s origin is falsely attributed to my team → Lycan status effect is slapped on the wrong team.

I’m guessing the AI now making brief ‘ghost moves’ after triggering Mana Potions upon entering battle is related?


Ok, at the beggining of the global campaign match, the explosions occur, some matches appens, and I lose hand. The AI play the first turn.

Does it happens to somebody else?



Someone in my guild found this same bug.

Guess for this campaign, make sure you DONT buy enough tiers in any event that explodes at start of battle. So, tier 1 at most. :wink:


But… my… Scourge of Honor


Suffer like the rest of us still missing that mythic. :smiling_imp:


This bug also sometimes grants mana to the opposing troops that they shouldn’t have — see the effects of a brown potion here :confused:


Lol… the bugs. No one on GoW dev team plays the game.


These heroic gems really need to be scrapped since evidently the devs are too incompetent for them to ever work properly at launch.


I haven’t had the AI get the first turn yet, but I have had the AI collect mana on the first turn – which is MINE.


This morning AI played first, I guess it’s fair since I played first one million times before that!


2 active matches by the AI (brown and skull) before first turn



This game is getting so ridiculous. Can the devs please test for at least 5 minutes before publishing?


:100: % :poop: :rofl:

But don’t be negative, they try really hard guys. Just bask in the ambiance of mediocrity and failure.


Oh milord. Please fix the bug. First turn is all mine! :smiling_imp:

Vs Maraj sin troops, things can get complicated since they explode gems at the beginning of the turn. So, if by chance😂, the exploded gem trigger a potion, well…

The released product’s quality speaks for itself: at least they had stopped trying to justify their consistent shortcomings since late last year, but it seems that we may be reversing course on that front as of late.
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You guys really want to play first :one: :one: :one:

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yes, of course we want. Let’s imagine this bug in GW …