Make arena interesting for everyone

I think some of these things might have been already discussed around here, but this is my turn.

So first give better rewards, arena-rewards are nothing compared to PvP-rewards for highlevel players. After 8 wins we should get something like:

More gold, like 5000
Some glory, like 20
500 souls
10 or 15 trophies
1 runic traitstone

And so right now traits are disabled in arena.

They should make it optional to turn them on/off.
On so the higher level players can actually enjoy their traited troops they never use anyway.
Off for either the players who like it this way, and for the lower level players, so they can have a fair fight.



Increased rewards have already been suggested, and are going to be under review by the dev team, hopefully this week. This is something that they can update server side nearly immediately once a decision on how much to increase them is reached.

The rest of the changes would require an update to the game client which means getting the update approved by Apple for iOS, among other things.


I am all for anything that makes arena playable again.
Right now it’s not worth the time sink. And I now have most troops so needing the variety isn’t a draw for me anymore.

I miss my hero being a bada$$ in the arena. I worked hard to level him up and give him traits and bonuses to make him a beast in the arena. It really gave him the feel of a gladiator taking down lion cubs in there! But then they took away all his powers… :frowning:

Now it’s just… sad… :frowning:

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I never understood the Traits being off.

When on, you are able to use strategy to win your battles. With Traits off, Arena becomes a dice roll


Yeah, and why isn’t there anymore choosing between heroweapons, that’s really lame…

I’ll just leave this right here …

especially the last two posts :wink: we’re waiting for more updates.

Ooh i haven’t seen that post. Let’s hope the devs come with something decent :smiley:

That’s silly. The whole game was without Traits for a year and had plenty of strategy to it.

Arena is immensely luck-based - but it’s not to do with Traits being absent.

I missed arena so muach!