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Remove buy troop button in Arena

Every time, every time! The most frightened thing to me is clicking the buy troop with gem button after collected the Arena reward.

For common, rare, ultra rare, WITHOUT any trait. Asking me 200+ gems??? It is a scam.

Could I ask for a refund if IF IF I accidentally click that buttons?

Please take it off.


Hopefully there’s a confirmation screen before buying otherwise it’s insane… And yeah, I doubt people buy those really easy to get troops

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I never dare out to try if there is a confirmation page or not…

Can anyone or dev confirm that?

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Yeah would be risky to try it but usually when I use gems there’s always a confirmation screen.

Not the case when you buy 50 gem pack in Dungeon… :slight_smile:

Ohh never done that, pretty new player, bosses there wreck me in 2 turns

Me neither until I got most my kingdom level to 10. You will get it!

There is definitely a confirmation screen if you should accidentally hit the purchase button. I speak from personal experience, so calm down.


That’s great news! Curious why did you click the button? By accident or really buy the troop?

Both. A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Gems were more plentiful and troops were much cheaper, so I did buy some that way at the beginning. Since then, I’ve accidentally hit the purchase button a few times.


Same position as @RiverSong here.

I’d support suggestion though to remove this. It’s irritating, a needless extra thing to click past, and in current game I can’t now imagine any situation where any player, new or old, would want to do this…

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I purchased Hobgoblin after an arena run many moons ago, as it was literally the last troop lower than epic I had yet to acquire. 50 gems didn’t seem so unreasonable then. What has changed to make these purchases so bad now?

Apparently the cost of troops can vary. For me, purchasing a troop would cost 20 Gems. @JayJay mentioned 200. You said 50. I’m not sure what makes the difference.

If i’m not mistaken, the upgrades. If you already have all three troops traited and leveled it’ll cost less.

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And it’ll be great to go with this idea further: if you already have 4 copies of all troops ascended to Mythic the purchase offer wouldn’t appear at all.


That’s the only point in the entire game where we have the original graphics of the game.
I miss so much the time when every chests contained 3 troops, and the feeling when after turning the 3 cards you heard “Legendary”