Urgent Arena troop buying question

Has someone got a quick answer because I could surely use one right now? :slight_smile:

I have finished the Arena and the game offers me to buy a Ranger level 15 together with two other troops. Now, I already have a Ranger level 17 just one card away from ascending to ultra-rare. If I buy the troops from the Arena, will I get the new Ranger card or will I just get the two other troops?

I don’t want to waste diamonds if I’m not sure to get the Ranger.


i dont remmember, do you have 3 separate purchase buttons each below one troop or is there just one button?

a screen shot could help

It is never worth buying troops from Arena with gems. It is cheaper leveling them by buying souls with gems.

For extra copies, it is much cheaper just waiting until you naturally find them in keys.

Also, I believe you get all 3.


It’s just one. I skip it though, I want to keep on playing, I’ll find the Ranger later. :slight_smile:


just one button means all 3 of them then :slight_smile:

but @Tacet is right, generally its not worth buying there

save gems for dragon armor :wink:

Sorry for the late thanx, but thanx. I’ll save them. :smile: