Why am I being asked to buy troops after finishing arena?

Clearly this makes sense for low level players but given that I have all of these troops at full level, fully trained, and at mythic, I shouldn’t be seeing this.

If anything, it feels like the developers are hoping people are fatfingered and waste 20 gems :rage:



Imagine if we could use the gnome in arena, i would buy it for 20 gems :slight_smile:


You wouldn’t be offered it for 20 gems. The costs of these if you don’t already have them and at level 15+ is also so absurd to the level of being a beginners trap akin to being able to disenchant non-mythic troops and being able to turn 10 diamonds into 100 souls.


This is a holdover from the first days of Arena. It has always been a massive new player trick to deplete their Gems. If you didn’t have the troop already leveled it would be a OBSCENE amount of Gems not 20. 20 Gems is the price for endgame players.

Pointed this out 2 years ago. Never adjusted. Never ever chose this option, EVER.


Bear, it’s not like you’re being forced to buy. You have a choice. “No Thanks” if you don’t want them. Simple.

Besides, there are tons upon tons of players in this game. Do you REALLY expect the devs to know who has such-n-such troops and who doesn’t?? Seriously?

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This problem (calling it a feature feels totally wrong…) is so old and sort of low priority that they never addressed it i guess. When we get a rework for Arena maybe this will simply be removed or changed into something that is useful in any sense.

I played a bunch of arena before the 3.3 update and have not seen this before. Was it really always there? Am I going crazy from playing GoW too much?

Yes it always been there :slight_smile:


It’s an annoying extra step and, perhaps more importantly, it’s very easy to accidentally misclick and waste 20 gems!

LOL - do you think the developers would need to check each player’s inventory one at a time or something? It would be pretty easy to set up some logic to only show the pop up to people who don’t have the troops.

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It was bugged so they removed it for a while but in 3.3 they fixed it and added it back in.

Ah, there we go. I never played arena before I crafted Dawnbringer. When that happened, I played a bunch and i guess got spoiled by the fact that it wasn’t there.

I still think the point stands. It’s making me want to stop playing arena again because I know I’ll misclick one time and be pissed off :-1:

Then quit playing. I’ve been playing as long as there has been an arena and the option to buy troops has always been there. There is an “Are you sure?” confirmation so you can back out if you misclick. If you’re afraid you will misclick, pay attention to what you’re doing. Man up and take some responsibility instead of expecting someone else to take care of you. Jeez, what a pointless thing to whine about.


GoW is a casual game that many people play while doing other things like watching TV. Misclicking happens. I know I wasted a few gems refreshing PVP opponents and am sure others have as well. Thankfully, that option is located in a place that is less likely to be clicked by accident.

Clearly I’m doing the wrong thing by providing feedback on a game forum and hoping the developers take my thoughts into consideration. /s Sounds like you forgot to have your :coffee: this morning.

It’s good to know about the “Are you sure?” option. Obviously, I didn’t want to test it in case one didn’t exist as is the case with the Refresh PVP opponents…

Actually, this feature reappeared after the latest update.
It’s always been there for players who don’t own some of the card (I was being offered to buy when I first checked out the Arena as a beginner), but, for example, during the last month when I have been playing Arena extensively, I was never offered to but anything since I own all the respective cards (most of them maxed out). Only after the update, offer to buy is hovering in front again after every 8-win run.

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Part of why I’ve been so salty on the forums lately is I think if I’d been taking notes over the past 2-3 months I could compile a list of issues “old and sort of low priority that they never addressed” longer than 3.3’s patch notes.

Each one of these makes someone’s favorite thing about the game not fun. Each one’s probably made someone quit the game, probably because there are 5 or 6 of them combined that make every mode suck for that person.

Bonus: seems like every update picks a random 4 or 5 of these and re-introduces them to the game. We’re not even safe after the devs DO fix a bug. And it’s always something that someone who’s read about 20 minutes worth of “Teach Yourself in 24 Hours” can describe in pseudocode, like “Elspeth targeting” or “filter Dawnbringer from a mode with a level playing field” or “make Runic Blade do what it says”.

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Then i honestly think you won’t be here as long as your next year in this game. I say it with no malice, it’s just a prediction because this pattern repeats itself a lot. “New is always better!”

I understand they have a plan and a schedule to follow, but it seems that once they start something big, like this patch was, they barely have any spare pair of hands to work on anything else. It was surprisingly great, to their credit that they at least worked on some visual issues. Sure these probably were easy to deal on some extent, but it’s a proof that they listened. The change to gnomes spawn rate was another case.

I agree to a certain extent, someone always knows perfect way to fix a “problem”… For the devs some features don’t even need to be touched at all. Treasure Hunt for example. We had many threads pleading for a buff in the rewards, or to simply exchange maps for instant rewards. People simply don’t want to accept this game mode as it is. And i agree that there is nothing wrong, in essence, with TH. It’s just the most casual gamemode you can play, with decent rewards for a game you never lose, you can gain less if you are not good at it, but never lose.