Luther, can he please just stay at home

So, I’ve been playing this as my puzzle game fix for a few years now but suddenly today Luther pops up and forces me to ‘Unlock my first trait!’ And I’m like excuse you, I have all but a hand full of trails for the Zhul’Kari unlocked.
But I am forced to continue down this till he then forces me to Assend a troop, then he wants me to ‘Upgrade my first weapon!’ and I’m here holding my +2 Crescendo… And this is when I get the idea to turn it off.
Luther goes back into his cave and I go about playing the game then as soon as I pop back into the map… He shows up again!

Please… Some of us are saving our items, even our low level ones to forge higher, if I’m randomly going to be forced into using up mats on tutorial things that shouldn’t even be triggering off my account… I’m going to loose interest and find something less intrusive and annoying.
I just want to blow up gems, strategize teams, collect resources and go one with my day… Any way that would allow veterans to skip these would have made everything smoother…


Yes is there any way to TURN OFF Luther!!!

I play the ps4 version and just started on the PC and that Luther guy just pops up and FORCES me to do one thing or another which waists resources that I rather not spend. I mean really it’s like Player abuse…perhaps I should contact the ACLU or something…LOL.

Luther forces you to do something? :open_mouth:
I’m playing this game for several years now and I have never seen Luther forcing me to do anything. :neutral_face:
What I have seen is Luther pointing out new things to me. :point_left: :point_right:
:thinking: Are you sure he MADE you do something you didn’t want, have you tried to just click him away? :wave:

luther does that. a few months ago, luther forced me to upgrade a kingdom as part of newbie tutorial because apparently playing for 2 years with nearly all kingdom upgraded means i don’t know crap about how to upgrade a kingdom. i don’t wanna. but i had no choice in that regard. no escape button or anything like that.

i close the game, open back, spent all gold. then went into the kingdom. surprisingly it still triggerred the inescapable gold sucking toturial at 0 gold, which in my opinion is flawed because you don’t have gold to spend and no option to escape except force close the game externally.

it seem that all resource spending tutorial is forced on you even if you didn’t want to for personal reason.

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I think you should make it a ticket on the supportpage or a topic in the bug report section.
But still it’s strange it happened, I’ve asked around in my guild and nobody has encountered Luther on such a way… stranger and stranger… :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

I don’t think ya understand. It happens when you first start the game at the very begining when you level 0. Then as you move up the helpful (or not so helpful) Luther pops up and says hey…forcing you to click here or there showing you how to level up a troop or upgrade a kingdom all the while you have to spend resources like gold or traitstones…etc

So in short …It’s a feature not a Bug. (first time that’s been true in the history of gaming)

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You should only see each of those messages once I believe.

It is designed to help new players learn the basics, doing one minor thing as a result isn’t a massive problem imo.

If you are creating new accounts then you will see them all again each time.

The only reason this is an issue is because Luther does force the use of certain resources with some of the newer tutorials.

Stripping players’ agency away is a bad move, even if the intent is to teach them how to best serve their own interests.

The game should gift the resources used in the tutorial. Then players wouldn’t feel like Luther is stealing from them. Honestly, the game’s economy can survive the few thousand gold, few dozen traitstones, and handful of common cards it would take to implement this more generous measure.


it could be people don’t noticed it because by normal gameplay you usually will have the resources on hand and are willing to spend it on an upgrade. most people just auto-pilot clicking through the tutorial. so did i in the beginning.

yes it is. and i think this feature should be optional.


Luther in action forcing to use TraitStones

And no you can’t just click elsewhere on the screen, and if you suddenly close the game he’ll just come back and do it all over again.

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There should be an added option to disable hints or help in the game options.
No more forced training dialogs. Problem solved!

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Hey @Lagertha, the team are planning to change the tutorials in the next update 4.3 so that they don’t force you to use your resources. I’m sorry this was a bad experience for you :frowning:

Koromac, I think the issue here is more the forced use of resources. Comparatively we have relatively few tutorials to other games and they are less than 2 minutes long. We’ve not used tutorials in some cases before and it’s actually caused players more confusion (and support tickets) than if we had them.