Luther, can he please just stay at home


So, I’ve been playing this as my puzzle game fix for a few years now but suddenly today Luther pops up and forces me to ‘Unlock my first trait!’ And I’m like excuse you, I have all but a hand full of trails for the Zhul’Kari unlocked.
But I am forced to continue down this till he then forces me to Assend a troop, then he wants me to ‘Upgrade my first weapon!’ and I’m here holding my +2 Crescendo… And this is when I get the idea to turn it off.
Luther goes back into his cave and I go about playing the game then as soon as I pop back into the map… He shows up again!

Please… Some of us are saving our items, even our low level ones to forge higher, if I’m randomly going to be forced into using up mats on tutorial things that shouldn’t even be triggering off my account… I’m going to loose interest and find something less intrusive and annoying.
I just want to blow up gems, strategize teams, collect resources and go one with my day… Any way that would allow veterans to skip these would have made everything smoother…